Karla From US

If you could please pray for me I would really appreciate it. I\'ve suffered plantar fascitis for 15+ years and on Dec 1, 2021 my fascia on the bottom of my right foot torn & split in the arch of my foot. I\'ve had 7 months of doctoring. I am now on my 3rd doctor and he did a procedure on my foot on Tuesday June 28th. I\'m to stay off my foot totally for 2months, (crutches & a scooter) I am keeping my catholic faith but I do get scared at times. I recently moved to California and I literally have 1 friend to help me and they work full time. I get scared because I\'m a Type 1 diabetic and now the fact that I have a foot injury. I was planning on moving back home this last March but my insurance is from California and I can\'t use it in my home state Nebraska. My son (Aaron) is a FOCUS Missionary (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) and he and his wife just had there first son, Thomas Joseph May 30th. Also my daughter (Allyson) is engaged to get married January 14th & I was to help her plan her wedding. I haven\'t worked in 7 months and won\'t be able to for quite a while. I\'m doing my best and trying to stay positive. My resource is the Lord. I\'m alone and scared & lonely. I keep reminding myself. 2Timothy 1:7 \"For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of Power of Love and of a Sound Mind\". I would appreciate any and all prayers on successful healing of my foot and overall health so I can move back to my home of Nebraska, United States. Thank you so much! I watch Bruce\'s Daily Devotional almost every single day. I appreciate them so much! I love the Holy Spirit series. God Bless you all and thank you for all you do and your prayers! I\'m blessed to have come across you. Praise God!