Coronavirus - For such a time as this

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Please pray for my daughter and her husband, who has now lost her job due to COVID19. The loss of her income means they are unable to pay the rent. He receives benefits but it is very little and not enough to pay the rent. Their daughter has special needs and has therapy 3 times a week as well as special school. So my daughter is only able to work in school hours and weekends. I pray that the Lord will put in her path employment that is suitable for her part time hours. Amen

Raymond Russo

Dear Helen
consider your pray request done and try not to worry


God bless you Helen. Trust in the Lord. Do not be afraid, He is with you.

Kristen OLoan

To Dear Helen,
God will provide for you and your childrens needs. God won’t let you and your family go without anything. God will do what you and your family can’t do. When you have faith love hope in God. Everything will be possible to accomplish. God’s almighty powerful mercy grace favour compassion forgiveness miraculous supernatural miracles and wonders will save you from everything. 🌺


Thank God for you , Bruce. You are a light leading us to the Sun. I think you should have a praises tab.
I’m praising God today because your message on forgiveness was received by a friend who had a big problem with unforgiveness. It was robbing her of a life and making her bitter and sick. Just join me in praise for Ximena’s new attitude.

John McCabe

Bruce, during prayer the Holy Spirit put this on my mind, remember the (The Mystery of the Onion) so I put into a search engine. To find out what went God meant by this, I found that the virus and the germs go to the onion. Some have gone black overnight. A doctor also puts an onion in a glass jar this may help a patient. Tested it the next morning and found the virus within it. This may help Rosemary and others, place them around the house and work area you will be surprised. Jesus, said to me to… Read more »


Bruce, The Lord is with you. Thanku for going out on a limb, risking all, when you didn’t know, God was preparing you for such a time as this. May you and yours be blessed with a abundance and a powerful fire sword hedge of protection. I pray, May Gods word flowing through you empower the hearts of others to rise up and provide them solid foundations from which to build/ extend the kingdom of Christ. God bless

Steve Attard

brilliant…many thanks

Katalin Denney

Bruce and Rosemary, I believe you and your family are also an Esther for our current “time “ – I have been following your Lenten programme-love the format-simple faith and authenticity of your delivery through sharing personal testimonials from your personal lives including struggles, doubts etc. which makes your message very relatable for all🙏🙏 I found today’s video mix of teaching, prayer, beautiful choice of music, the perfect start to my day🙏🙏❤️❤️I know God will continue to bless and support your efforts to bring His lost sheep back to “the fold”- I pray for you and your family for good… Read more »

Dino Mascione

Hi Bruce.
Faith is Being put to the test right now on many.
Fear and Panic is the Work of the Devil.
Put on Gods Full armour. Ephesians 6:11.
I Refuse to Live in Fear, 2 Timothy 1:6-7.
I Refuse to Not Trust God, Isaiah 41:10.
Re. Dino
God Bless.


God bless your work and the work of your team Bruce.


Lessings and peace be with you.


My spiritual journey has been so enhanced and blessed by you and Rosemary. Thank you for keeping us all growing in our faith. These times are the most difficult we have ever faced. God is the only thing that will see us through.

maggie s shields

Hi Bruce Your ministry has blessed me in my spiritual journey. praise God to Him beGlory forever. I would like to request prayer for my daughter she has anxiety and emotional problems. She needs prayers for her financial hardship.
May God bless you and Rosemary mightily in your mission .


Please pray for my friend Simone who has breast cancer and has recently undergone surgery. She is not a Christian yet; I am waiting for my chance to introduce her to Jesus; she is aware that I am a Christian.

Leonie Cornell

Thank you Bruce and team for this service. I pray that I am the one with peace in my family that will show trust in God and be the one who brings Gods presence into the lives of all I am able to see each day in these times.

Carol Hamilton

Please pray for a friend’s 2 year old grandson who is in hospital receiving treatment for tumor in his prostate. He is very poorly his mother is with him but with the coronavirus Dad and sister are at home. Please pray for God’s healing hand on his body also strength and peace for all the family.
Thank you God bless you all


I’m loving this kind of preaching. You are giving us practical, step-by-step guidance and suggestions of what to say to God when praying for a deeper connection — critical for those of us who have faith of the mind, but need the heart re-ignited. Please keep this going, as many of us are turning to you to light that spark for the first time or to re-ignite old flames of unshakeable faith.


When we run alone it is a race, when we run with God it is Grace. God bless you Bruce and all of your team. May God keep us in His Grace as we journey through these days. Thank you


Thank you Bruce. You will never know how much you have changed my life. God bless you all and may God keep you in His loving care.

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For Answered Prayers by Faith and Belief. Praise Jesus.

Odell Roundtree

Thank you for the two beautiful messages. I feel certain that God has placed the both of you here for such a time as this. May He continue to bless and keep you.


Thank you so much for this teaching.It has been a blessing.


Awesome message. Thank you very much for sharing this important message with us

backing up


Gloria Gonzales

Please pray for my family. Because of alcoholism, my husband has alchohol dementia and is a very angry person. Our house has become so dysfunctional that everyone is unhappy and uneasy on a daily basis. There is so much stress that nobody wants to be around him. Its affecting the whole family. Please pray for him that the Holy Spirit will help him with his anger issues.


My prayers are with yours Gloria, that God will bless your family and home with peace and continue to grow your faith.


🙏 praying, I’m scared but he keeps getting me out of the dark..thank you Lord,thank you God..praying


I pray for blessings on all those who are helping others in this trying time, especially the lady who recently brought me a truly useful gift. God bless her and instill that level of generosity in all of us. Lord, help me to truly live by faith especially when the solution or resolution is nowhere within sight!

Valerie Simms

Bruce I can’t thank you enough for your God inspired message, teaching and encouragement. Absolutely brilliant! Absolutely delivered at the right time in history and definitely for me! May God continue to prosper the work of your hands as well as Rosemary and your incredible team abundantly for all the glory you all give to God, the evangelical outreach to those around the world who may not have an intimate relationship with our Lord. Also for all the rest of us Catholics and Christians who need to know what God is saying to us right now, in this immense crisis… Read more »

Kristen O'Loan

Could you pray for me that my mother brothers family and my sisters family. Will experience the almighty amazing incredible magnificent divine loving touch of The Lord Jesus Christ Almighty. Thankyou so much. Amen

Mary Hoffman

Please remember me in prayer. I am a 76 year old great-grandmother who has legal guardianship of my 12 year old great-grandson. He is a sweet child with a good heart, but he has been in some serious trouble. I am trying to show him how the Bible will teach him God’s ways, but he doesn’t want to hear it,. I do not want to shove it down his throat. I pray daily that he will open his mind and heart to learning more about God. He believes in God, but he refuses to listen about nurturing his soul. I… Read more »



Emelie De Leon

Thank you Bruce & all in your ministries.
Please remember us in your prayers.

Kate degh

Please pray for me _ my grown up children. My so. Living with partner. Taking cannabis. Not working. Looks terrible. Porn or. Gsming addiction.??!! My daughter working with coronavirus victims. And me spiritually dry.