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Adam Hensley

Please pray for my son

Adam Hensley

He is lost and confused about God

John T

What a powerful message Bruce and Rosemary, and all based around a very simple and straight forward scripture Math 6:25-34, its definitely worth reading and taking it step by step.
Thank you so much for your explanation and insight to how lovely the scriptures are and how we can interpret them by just taking small paragraphs at a time and listen to God talking. Amen


Thank you for today’s service Bruce and Rosemary. God bless.

Valerie Simms

Bruce I will be taking Matthew 6:25-34 seriously. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for such an enlightening and encouraging message! May the Lord continue to prosper the work of your hands, bearing much fruit all for His glory and blesses you all!
In Christ’s Love

Deanna-Jane Sumner

Please pray for Jesse and Paul Schwab. On April 25th their son, Carlson, was born six months early and passed away the same day. Carlson is in the arms of God now and may he continue to bless Jesse and Paul and their families during this time of healing. Thank you.

Deanna-Jane Sumner

There were three points that caught my attention today, and they all related to songs that I either list to or sing in our choir at church. The first one is “In the Middle of it All” by Pam Thum. In it she quotes “to walk by faith and not by sight.” Being a dancer, I need to see where I am going; otherwise, I might trip, hurt myself, and not be able to dance. So to walk by faith, that requires a lot of TRUST. The second point and song was one that we sing in choir called “Seek… Read more »

Odell Roundtree

Bruce and Rosemary,

Thank you for your teaching.


Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for bringing this powerful message to our lives. This makes clearer to my eyes, tge need of trust and surrender to God’s will and anything else will be provided by Him 🙏🏼 Please pray for conversion of my loved ones in particular my son who is in need of Jesus’ love and His light in his life. Blessings to your ministry and hope that your teachings keep growing and multiplying. God bless to you and your team. Cheers

Malia Tolitule

Please pray for my children to return to our Catholic faith and I need your prayers too for my husband who is unwell at the moment.
Thank you and God Bless.

Diana's Ayuku

Please pray for me and my family for increased faith, financial breakthrough and God bless us with a male kid.


Thank you so much for being God’s hands and feet in this world …
mathiew’s scripture 6-24/34is so powerful … I had not read it the way you explained today … now I truly understand it … Praise our Lord … thank you Bruce and Rosemary … Amen

Leonie Cornell

I am determined to live this scripture more fully. I am learning with your example and story to take this journey. I am not at the very beginging, because I am doing what I can and leaving the rest to God, but today I am closer to understanding better.
Thank you

Dianne Summers

Please pray for my daughter Francesca Dimasi who is in an abusive relationship. Fran was head injured in 1994 and has been taken advantage of with physical abuse and financial abuse. We have tried to help her to no avail, by offering to take her to a solicitor and come and live with us, Fran thinks she can do it on her own, but it is to much for her, she is 43. Through Jesus Christ, I pray to our Father in Heaven, our Lady Mother of God and all our saints and souls in heaven I implore you please… Read more »

Sita Mills

Please pray for the soul of my mom, Patricia Bernadette Pillay. Today is a year since she left us to meet her maker, our Heavenly Father.
May her soul and the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace.