Living by Holy Spirit Inspiration

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Martin Aniah

With my simple and humble request I pray that God bless Bruce Downes, His family and prayer team for listening to our pleas and praying for us all to achieve our goals. Jesus bless all of you, amen.

Gabriel Ugwu



When we accept Christ as our Savior, at that time the Holy Sport is in us. He isn’t missing. All we have to do is call upon him.


Powerful words Bruce. Thank you


Powerful and inspirational words Bruce thank you


Thank you Bruce for speaking in simple terms. Over the past few years I have been confused with ‘Godspeak’, not really understanding the terminology that preachers and God people used. Now at last, I think it is making sense. I felt myself nodding as you spoke. I always take notes on your messages, since I started watching you at Easter. It actually takes me 15 minutes to get through one of your 8 minute weekday messages. I pray for you and that God will keep blessing you so you can continue your ministry in simple and relational terms.

Annmarie Baltov

Prayers and blessings to you Bruce and Rosemary and to your family and team. Thank you for helping so many people with your teaching and prayer services. May God Bless you all abundantly, financially and spiritually.


Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for all you are doing. You two are an inspiration to all. Your messages and videos are useful to all my friends in India, UK and Australia.

God bless


Thankyou n God bless you and all your loved ones

Francis Deary

Dear God, open the ears of my heart that I may hear your will. I am not worthy to be called your servant but grant me the grace to do your work and I will do my best to be who you want me to be, to enact your Word in my daily life.

Alex Chilufya Paito

Prayer request. In March this year I paid lobolla (money) for marriage to a fellow catholic. Am widowed and she is divorced. Since both of us are above mid fourty years we decided to start living together. I have been with her for the last two months. She lived with her former husband 21 years, though they were never married in church. The payment the man made for their marriage was paid back by the father to the lady. Now in the second week of our being together she posed a question to me regarding our qualification to receive holy… Read more »


Alex iam Robyn ihave been achristian for afair while now dont feel guilty about comming adultery just repent to god and he will for give you and that communion side of it ithink the rules are silly in the cathlic churchwith there communion you shouldnt have to go to father and say you belive in god just to have communion it should be if you love god you should be able to have communion they have silly ways some times not being nasty and running Brusce down iwas made go to acatholic church when iwent to school

Martin Aniah

Thank you for your continuous prayers for me and my family.

Deanna Francke

Thank you Bruce & Rosemary for all you do each week. May God Bless you, your family & team with all you require to keep these messages coming financially & spiritually.

Moyin Ashegbon

Thanks sir for blessing world with the world of God


iwas prayered for over thekitchen table and prayed for ,for the holy spirit to come into my life and 182 lost connection and didnt get around to watching the rest of the programme because the channel on 182 christian station wasnt working atall its on sunday night here in launceston tasmania and then arepeat on athursday night robyn burgess


Powerful message. God bless you sir.

Jaiyeola Adenuga

My son Jide Adenuga deserted home, kindly help me pray for his return. God will bless your prayer in Jesus nsme


Thank you

Efonemchi Chimezie

God bless you sir for sharing that wonderful inspiration.

Godwin udo

I’m bless from the teaching, God should continue to inspire Bruce Downes, thank you Jesus

Gabriel Ugwu

Please join me in prayer that God send me a divine helper that would help me setup the studio I desire!!

Ramat b Hassan

Jesus Christ Promise is fulfilled. Comforter the Holy Spirit is manifested in human formation. Another comforter, a replica of our Lord Jesus Christ has come to teach all things and Seal all Eternal Reign Contingents devoid of beliefs, Divine calls and connection with God. John 14:15-17, 26. John 16 7-16. And Revelation 7:1-4.

Ibironke Oke Edionwe

Thanks for this great reminder on how to hear Him speak to us sir. Your ministry will be blessed without measures on sides in Jesus name amen.

Antoinette Moussallem

Thank you so much for this inspirational teaching and encouraging me to see things in a NEW WAY . GOD BLESS

Ashoms Iliya

Pray. With me to be holy.


I love this vision