Personal Power to Change the World

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Jack Spence

Where can I buy a copy of the caticothjm?

Kevin Donahoe

Thanks Bruce, a great reminder of the power of the Holy Spirit. And the importance for us to live a purposeful life as an intentional disciple. Please pray for the Alpha program we are about to begin in our parish to revitalise the awareness of the Holy Spirit.

Martin Aniah

Thank you Bruce Downes for bringing me back to Christ . I am grateful for the good work you are doing for us.

Martin Aniah

Thank you for always responding to my request, God bless the Team. Martin.


Thank you Bruce for these inspiring words God bless you an your .

Valerie Simms

Well done and thank you Bruce for such an inspiring message! Hearing these messages I feel I am being listened to, answered and supported by the Holy Spirit Himself!!!I would like to ask Justin, Michaela and the rest of the band when you produce a CD of these beautiful worship songs could you please let me know?!!! I’d like to be one of the first to purchase it! By the way Bruce I’ve purchased your Bible. The Bible I currently have I purchased from you well over 10 years ago and it’s starting to break apart from so much use!… Read more »

Kathleen McGinley

May the power of the holy spirit enter our hearts minds body and souls to create peace love and kindness to all people..

Jill Mitchell

I am listening to you from Cape Town, South Africa. I so enjoyed your Homily…. thank you Bruce….. Amen

Jill Mitchell

And thank you for the worship ministry. May your important task of making fishers of men, and bringing folk back to Him be blessed. Our precious Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit…. Amen


A powerful message that is touching all of us. I feel that even the media has lacked integrity and impartiality in the events of the last few days. Your message, on the other hand , comes from the heart of God. Thanks to all of you. Music was excellent too.


Bruce, thank you for this excellent service.

Linda Garcia

Blessing from Mercedes tx