14 May - Day 1

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Jean Merron
5 months ago

I love the prayer you said to the Holy spirit and looking forward to the next session ????

5 months ago

Would like to have the Prayer of the Holy Spirit printed out in your reply to my request as it goes a little fast for me to digest.
my request would be very much appreciated
Thank you

Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  Rae
5 months ago

Hi Rae, if you check under the Explore Tab either to the left or under the Daily Devotional video you can see the words ‘Click Here to download todays Handout.’ When you click on those words you can get the Holy Spirit prayer. God bless! Sandra/BDC Ministries Team

5 months ago

Thank you very much. Amen

5 months ago

Thank you and thanks you for the cross. A beautiful thought and reminder.

Ursel Mihelcic
5 months ago

Thank you

5 months ago

thank you so much

5 months ago

Day 1 of this ‘novena’ – thank you for leading us, for the extra daily devotionals <3

Jackson Kilgore
5 months ago

Bruce….In way over due to write but I found you before Lent and have spent every day since then listening to your messages. You have taken my walk with our Lord to a light year leap. I’m going through a rough financial period but will begin giving soon. It’s the least I can do after the gifts you have sent to me. Keep up the great work my BIC. YOU are truly blessed wherever you are. Jack

Marci Valente
5 months ago

Thank you Bruce for this mini retreat as I call it and your moving lesson. Come Holy Spirit and make Your Home in our hearts. Amen. Have a blessed weekend everyone.????????✝️????

Joyce Pope
5 months ago

I feel the Holy Spirit working within me. I am so happy to pray with you too!

Lucy Kimani
5 months ago

Thanks Bruce for the powerful teaching. Blessed Friday

5 months ago

Excellent session, wanting more of the Holy Sprit in me. Thankyou Bruce.

5 months ago

Thank you so much

Jones Ruth
5 months ago

I have never heard of the Holy Spirit prayer that you said today. Thank you for sharing that with us today. GOD BLESS you Bruce and your family.

Valerie Simms
5 months ago

Thank you Bruce for this first great message of this series:
9 Days to Power! I am so glad I went back again to this message and jotted down important points and information! Well it’s just made me more determined to pray MORE IN QUIET and to LISTEN,RESPOND AND THEN ACT! God bless you Bruce and the Team for these messages! See you on Sunday Bruce!