Advent 2020 - Day 2

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2 years ago

Thank you TCG team. I am looking forward to making space in December to prepare for Jesus

Joan Ranck
Reply to  Rachel
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for inviting me. For bringing me closer to Christ I thank God for people like you you a very good disciple for Christ may God bless you with good health.

Naomi Gormly
2 years ago

This is awesome Jesus loves us

2 years ago

Thank you Jesus for this coming Advent, lord l pray that you come into the life of my family members.

Sandra Anne Mckay
2 years ago

Thank you T C G team beautiful video I cant wait to praise and worship during advent with JESUS????????????AMEN

Valerie Simms
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for today’s message, preparing ourselves for Jesus to come into our lives, our history and who we are, and change everything, us- me! i almost cried Bruce as this message goes straight to the heart- my heart. Sometimes appearances can fool us but never what’s in the heart! The Lord sees all and knows all about me! Come Lord Jesus, see me and call me…and I will come…Amen.
God bless you always Bruce!

2 years ago

To ‘come as you are’, to be able to talk to God in my own words, praying DAILY to God, has brought me closer to Him in ways that I could never have imagined. I’m on this journey and I love where it’s taking me. Heartfelt thanks to Bruce and the team.

Sonya Cupido
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for your ministry and bringing me closer to God. I feel so blessed since i joined and cab be part of the ministry. Pray for my family. Thank you. God bless

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for your lovely words and inspiration. May God bless you