Advent 2020 - Day 6

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14 hours ago

what a priviledge to be on the other side of the world — and listen to all these messages— JESUS IS COMING AND TO THINK ABOUT IT AND SET YOUR MIND ON IT–thankyou so much for all these messages — and to feel so blessed by it–

Bruce Downes
Reply to  pauli
8 hours ago

Hi Pauli, thanks for your message.

John T
7 hours ago

What a beautiful message Bruce, and so true in the world we live in today, nothing has changed over the thousands of years, however we as individuals can make small changes in our own lives and pray constantly to bring peace within and outside of our personal circumstances and those who make decisions on our behalf, with the coming of Jesus this Advent let us keep praying for world peace. God’s blessings Amen.

Valerie Simms
6 hours ago

Thank you Bruce for clarifying even further what Advent is all about. I do love how you fill in the background history of Jesus’ life surrounding His birth on earth. And explained the existence of brutal violence during his lifetime that ultimately He experienced on the cross. The responsibility of the final decision that was made by two brutal and violent men in power.Thank You Lord that this most important story for our world, doesn’t end there!!!! May the Lord bless you abundantly Bruce!!! I’ll be seeing you tomorrow and your wife too!!! Please thank her for me for sending… Read more »

3 hours ago

Thank you for sharing your heart and insight into God’s Word. I’ve been a Christian for more years than I remember but as we await our Lord and Saviour this advent you are helping me to dig deeper. May God bless you and your family