How to be Changed - 1st December

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Trish Holman
9 months ago

Thank you Bruce. As a member of the Evangelisation Group in our Parish, I intend to share this with my fellow Parishioners, my Brothers and Sisters in Jesus. Trish.

Reply to  Trish Holman
9 months ago

They will be very blessed!!!!

9 months ago

Thank you Bruce for your wonderful encouragement to seek Jesus more each day.

9 months ago

I have heard this passage many times, but never before have those words “Rabbi…where are you staying?” jumped out as they did today. Giving a whole new angle to it. Thank you, Bruce, for such a great reflection.

9 months ago

Thank You and God Bless

9 months ago

Thank you for today’s teaching! Wishing you and Rosemary a blessed day

9 months ago

WOW! I had just finished my morning prayer before my time with Bruce and all of you and was telling God how sorry I was that my words seem inadequate when i am talking to Him and the talk was about time spent in simple conversation with God and how pleasing that is to Him. I have been trying to keep track of “favor” I receive each day from God and there is much and today it was yet again another gift in this season of abundance in my life since I began this true walk with Jesus. Thank you.

Pat Bertasso
9 months ago

Thank you Bruce for another inspiring message, I will share this message with my Australian family and friends

9 months ago

Thank you Bruce for your message today . It reminded me yesterday I said to my husband let put the tree up and decorate it he said do we have to which I replied yes let’s welcome Jesus for his birthday into our home to celebrate…

Reply to  Judi
9 months ago

Joy unshakable is ours!!!!

Jackie Loret de Mola
9 months ago

Thank you, Bruce! I needed your teaching today!

9 months ago

Thank you for all you do. Please pray for mine and my husbands health.

9 months ago

Fantastic reflection Bruce! Come and See – love the insight you provided. So grateful for your dedication every day!

Reply to  Andrew
9 months ago

Well said, Andrew.

Ursel Mihelcic
9 months ago