You are an Overcomer - 2nd August

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Ann Watson-Brown
1 year ago

That was an inspiring talk today . One could almost feel the spirit coming down into our life . Thank you Bruce.

Reply to  Ann Watson-Brown
1 year ago

Yes….a new awaking to who we really are in Him!

Patricia Smith
1 year ago

Good morning. Thank you for this inspiring message. Now I do understand the term “born again”! 🙏

Shirley Jenner
1 year ago

Just curious…. No matter what scripture you read, it’s always at the back of that book. Is that a Bible? It catches my attention every day

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Shirley Jenner
1 year ago

Hi Shirley
Yes that is a Bible I am reading from. Lately I have been reading from the New Testament which is toward the back of the Bible.
God bless

1 year ago

Thank you for another perspective. Was taught that we were given ever lasting life in heaven after death but have a new understanding today regarding rising above and overcoming life’s challenges. May the Holy Spirit shine up on this ministry.

Susan Breiding
1 year ago

Just the message I needed today. Thank you Bruce.

Wendy Curry
1 year ago

Thank you for opening so many rays of sunshine into this troubled world right now. You are giving me so many “AHA” moments and I am learning so many new ways to pray. God bless you and your family.

Phyllis D'Amato
Reply to  Wendy Curry
1 year ago

Would it be possible to post the sermon in a readable format?

1 year ago

Perfect way to start the new day!!! Thank you Bruce… you make things crystal clear…The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in, with, and through us to make a difference in this world, so needed!! May you and Rosemary and staff be blessed in every way!!

1 year ago

Nothing like a dose of confidence knowing The Holy Spirt❤️ is with You Thank You 😊 Bruce & Rosemary and Team of Hope and Love .

1 year ago


Gloria Young
1 year ago

Thanks Bruce, you are a great blessing. God bless you, Rosemary and team