How To Hide God's Word in Your Heart - 28th July

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Grace hope
10 months ago

Hi,can you please tell us when are you coming to Canada , and where will you be preaching and meeting people ,thanks God bless you abundantly .

10 months ago

Thank you Bruce for todays message. God Bless you & keep you safe in your travels as you share His word. 🙏

10 months ago


10 months ago

Hi B ruce. Are you coming to Perth.Soon.

Shirley Jenner
10 months ago

Please come to Cape Town, we need you. Contact Fr Michael van Heerden at the Durbanville parish, he’s brilliant.

Denise Burke
10 months ago

Thank you Bruce for your series re the Holy Spirit. Your words have really awakened in me a desire for the Holy Spirit. May you and your family and crew stay safe and well.

Patti Grandolfo
10 months ago

I love your message of the Holy Spirit, because of it I’m understanding more the third person of the Holy Trinity and he works in my life, and your presentations always make me smile. Thank you, and may God abundantly bless you 🙏🕊️♥️

Gloria Young
10 months ago

Thanks Bruce for todays scriptures. When will you be coming to South Africa. You ministry will do wonders for the people here. God bless

10 months ago

Thank you Bruce for this encouraging message concerning the Holy Spirit speaking to us, to me, right now where I am!!! Thank You Holy Spirit!!! Great to know you are in Brisbane Bruce! Proclaiming the Gospel and praying no doubt as well as being led by the Holy Spirit!!! Please when you have time Bruce? Could you please pray for my Mum, my brother who need the healing grace of our Lord both physically and spiritually who are living in Stanthorpe, 3 hours away from Brisbane? Also for the conversion and healing grace of our Lord for my sister and… Read more »

10 months ago

You couldn’t make things any clearer!!! 🕊Perhaps this will awaken those who need to see the great gift that they have received but really didn’t get the full benefits!🎊 May God continue to bless you in all things you put your hand to! He certainly did bless you with the perfect help mete! What an amazing team the two of you make!! Talk about iron sharpening iron🤩

Kathy OConnor
10 months ago

So enjoy these teachings. God Bless you as you continue to travel. Looking forward to the new series as well. Thank you.

10 months ago

Please visit Ballito, South Africa, All Saints Catholic Church, where our super Fr Stephen and the entire congregation are sure to warmly welcome you, Rosemary and your team.
God Bless.

10 months ago

I still have a card that you gave me when you came to our church, it is Walking with God Commitment

Donna Tohm
9 months ago

Come to Calgary, Alberta!!!