You Have a New Nature - 29th July

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11 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your wonderful teaching today. God Bless you abundantly. 🙏

11 days ago

I love today’s message! I need to meditate on this more! Thank you!!

11 days ago

A great message, as always.
Many, many thanks, Bruce.
God Bless.

Gloria Young
10 days ago

Thank you, Bruce. God bless you and have a wonderful, blessed weekend

Kathy higdon
10 days ago

Thank you for your teaching of the word!

10 days ago

Thank you Bruce for everything you do to help us on our spiritual journey

Patti Grandolfo
10 days ago

I look forward to your devotionals everyday and the fresh outlook you give me daily, that all my years of Catholic education and catechism and going to Church and hearing scripture once a week has not done. Thank you Lord Jesus for all my blessings especially the blessing of this ministry into my life. I am truly grateful. God Bless you on this journey and have mercy on our souls. In Jesus’name through the power of the Holy Spirit 🙏🕊️♥️

10 days ago

Bruce thank you for this powerful message concerning how I now have a new nature by what our Lord Jesus did for us by His death and Resurrection, and by our Baptism which I didn’t fully know! Thank you Bruce for explaining even more what the Holy Spirit is doing for us, for me! Thank You Holy Spirit!!! I will be looking at this message again Bruce, as I really want this message to enter more deeply in my heart and mind. May the Lord keep blessing you Bruce and the Team! May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire and… Read more »

Reply to  Valerie
10 days ago

My thoughts exactly

10 days ago

Please pray for my grandson Zachary he will be 3 months on 8/5/22, he is having an MRI of the brain under sedation today to evaluate fluids in the brain that shouldn’t be there, we are all praying for good results.
Thank you for all you do and your ministry.

Reply to  Esmeralda
10 days ago

🙏. Thank you Father for healing and answering!

Pamela Lang
10 days ago

I was baptised as a baby I wasn’t put under the water am I still able to receive the holy spirit it wasn’t obvious to me till I heard your message today I enjoy your message every day 😉

Reply to  Pamela Lang
10 days ago

If you were baptized in the Name of the Father son and Holy Spirit you have received His Spirit and are a part of His Blood bought family!🎉today that you know the Truth!!!! Only one baptism need for the forgiveness of sin and a new life in Him! Thanks again Bruce for the reawakening needed in many to truly enjoy the life Jesus died for us to have!

10 days ago

Beautifully said… I think we are harder on ourselves than we need to be to satans delight! Only by the great grace of God can we become all He planned for us to be! Everyone having great worth and value we need to be encouragers of each other! Holy Spirit open our eyes and fine tune our hearing so we can be more loving and kind to ourselves and overflow that to others! Thanks again Bruce for an amazing start of another day! You are nothing short of amazing!!!

Wilma Armantrading
10 days ago

Thank you Bruce for sharing all this information with us. I love the way you go through explaining the way the Holy Spirit works in and through us. 🙏🏽🙏🏽💕💕

Carol Christophers
10 days ago

I have been a Christian for many years but you have enlightend me with your ministry of the Holy Spirit. I have been feeling a new joy & my faith has been strengthened so much Blessings Bruce to your family & the team

9 days ago

Grateful for starting each day with your message, your teachings and perspective. Thank you!

9 days ago

Thank you, the message givs me confidence to seek and listen to the Holy Spirit within my heart. So many times, I have had the nagging feeling coming form my “heart, conscience or ?” that I ignore as think that cannot be God speaking to me, I am that oure and holy of a person for Him to speak to me. Then, later, I am truly sorry that I did not follow God prompting.

9 days ago

I’m having trouble with your concept of a “new nature”. I know that Jesus has two natures – the nature of God and the nature of man. Humans, however, have only one nature- human nature.
I know that Baptism makes us a new creation, but we are still human! Can you clear this up for me?

7 days ago