Habits to Holiness - 24th January

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Donna Redfearn
3 days ago

Now that’s a cracker of an idea thanku

2 days ago

Thank you Bruce and again I thank you!!! This Daily Devotional has hit home for me!!! YES I can empathize with you about food Bruce!!! This has been a life long habit as I grew up with Italian parents, that even my Dad made a comment to Mum about the amount of food was served to us at meal times!!! And yet there is another life long habit that needs to be addressed, I will want to see changed and will make the decision for a 1% CHANGE during 24 hrs!!! I will be praying for the Holy Spirit’s help… Read more »

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2 days ago

Thank you, Bruce. Great idea.

Stefanie Steyn
2 days ago

Wonderful. Wonderful message. Have listened to this clip 4 times now and each time hear the same words but each time with a different message

Patti Grandolfo
2 days ago

I love how your messages give me food for thought daily.
Thank you. And thank you Lord Jesus for your constant love and mercy❤️

2 days ago

Great message today I am all in!

2 days ago

Bruce, you have become my 1% change!!! I watch you every weekday, and have added prayers to the Holy Spirit to change a sinful habit. When Lent begins, it will be one year that He has helped me to change my habits.
Thank you!

2 days ago
2 days ago

Now which one percent do I choose, lol! I love this Bruce, thank you!

2 days ago

A one percent change sounds good! I will give it a go in my paperwork as well. And in many aspects of my life! Thank you.

2 days ago

Thank You 😊 Bruce&Rosemary 🙏 and Team for a Blessed start of the Day ✨about 1% 😊. God Bless .

Carla Villafana
1 day ago

Ooooohhh. This is a tough one. Guess I better starting looking at what my 1% can be. Ummmm.
Thanks Bruce.

1 day ago

Good idea Bruce! I will try that. Just wondering, was it the beginning of last year that you began the “Lose weight with the Catholic Guy” endeavour? How did you go?