Powerful Change - 26th January

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1 day ago

Thanks for fully explaining what you mean by a prayer journal. Now it makes sense to me! Now this needs to be my model for 2023 so that I can focus on areas in my life where I would like to see change. I see it as a means of being accountable to both God and myself.
Thanks again Bruce, May God continue to bless your ministry.

Mary Buckley
16 hours ago

Thank you so much for the wisdom in this video. The prayer journal will definitely help me to accomplish more throughout my day, with God by my side. Blessings to you Bruce.

10 hours ago

Thank you Bruce for this message that has got me thinking concerning the best way to do or not to do certain habits. One is, how do I write my prayers down in a Journal when I reflect and take so long to write down all that I want to express within my heart to the Lord ? Another is what do I do when I am in a difficult situation caused by certain individuals who make my life difficult and I receive the Scripture verse Exodus 14 : 14 that says, ‘ The Lord will fight for you, and… Read more »

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Patti Grandolfo
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9 hours ago


Reply to  Patti Grandolfo
9 hours ago

Thank you Patti and may the Lord bless you!!!
In Christ’s Love

Reply to  Valerie
7 hours ago

🙏. You definitely have a heart for Him and others…We live in a difficult world… JESUS…. Don’t leave home without Him😉

Grace hope
8 hours ago

Powerfully said