Do All That is On Your Heart

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Valerie Simms
24 days ago

Thank you Bruce for hearing this message for the second time and is having MORE OF AN IMPACT NOW than the first time I had heard this message!!! I haven’t finished viewing, hearing and jotting down this message yet! So I’ll be doing more of this tomorrow while starting the new Daily Devotional as well!!! Can’t wait to see you again Bruce! Please give my regards to Rosemary. God bless you both and all the hard working members in the ministry! Bye for now. Next is praying the Holy Rosary!

Persia Dacosta
24 days ago

Thank you for this encouraging message,I am a pensioner and I always try to help people in any way I can,so I am blessed to be a blessing

Valerie Simms
23 days ago

Bruce I am just a little under half way in writing down this message! All that struggle and hardship you and Rosemary had to face but what miraculous results were made from all that enormous effort!!! Today I opened the Bible as I do when praying the PERSONAL Prayer and arrive at N for Nourish. The Scripture passage that caught my eye was Mark 8 concerning the Feeding of the Four thousand. This passage I read a few days back as out of curiosity I wanted to know the scripture for the day on my birthday. It was exactly Mark… Read more »

Valerie Simms
22 days ago

Thank you Bruce!!! WHAT A MESSAGE THIS IS!!! IT IS FAR BETTER THE SECOND TIME AROUND!!! I have 10 more minutes to go until I finish jotting down this message! I will finish tomorrow Bruce and I will give tomorrow!!! This is such an uplifting and encouraging message Bruce. Thank you for sharing your own personal testimony. It makes all the difference for me to hear this! God bless you Bruce and all who work for this ministry, all for the glory of God and to help us!!! See you and the Team tomorrow!

Valerie Simms
21 days ago

Thank you Bruce I finished jotting down this message! It is a powerful and encouraging message!!! All I can say is anything is possible with God!!! Nothing is possible completely and totally without Him!!! My armour bearer is my God Bruce! Good night and God bless!