Does God Hear Our Prayers?

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Fayza Raffoul
1 year ago

Very good topics.
Always interesting and enlightening.

1 year ago

Thank you, Bruce, for giving such clarity to God’s Word and his boundless love for us and, especially, how to come before Him for our needs.

Martin Aniah
1 year ago

God hears our prayers but want us to live a good Christian Life, according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

John McCabe
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce, for incorporation my friend into your prayer group for my friend Toby, I know that God is the only one can change the situation what ever His plan is, I accept. Thank You.

Sandie murray
1 year ago

Such a welcoming message! He hears us and is pleased when we join and agree in prayer and watch over each other!!! ????for more partners as you spread the message of His great love of each one of us!! So thankful to be a small part of this amazing ministry!!!

Deanna Francke
1 year ago

Excellent Bruce as always thank you so much for helping me to increase my faith.
May God Bless you, Rosemary & the team & Bless you abundantly.

bob todd
1 year ago

I pray for all the people in africa who have court hiv/aids because of catholic preaching against condoms

bob todd
1 year ago

Does god hear our prays ? no he/she/it is a fairy story,invented to control people and rob them

Reply to  bob todd
1 year ago

Yes, Bob, God knows & loves you too.

1 year ago

God knows us….. God knows me. And He accepts me