Easter Sunday - His Voice Will Change You

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2 years ago

Happy Easter to all.Stay safe and stay Blessed

Reply to  Carmen
2 years ago

Praise the lord and Wish the same

Gemma Fritz
2 years ago

He is risen! Happy Easter!

2 years ago

Thank you for the inspiring talks

Lorraine jensen
2 years ago

Please pray for the conversion of my family.

2 years ago

Thank you Father for sending your only Son to this world, Jesus is risen and He is with us until the end of the days Aleluya! Jesus come to my heart, heal my family, bring your peace and stay in our home. Please pour your unconditional love in us so we learn to love, forgive and give. Take away all the barriers and obstacles that keep us away from you. Show us the way, guide us and enlighten our lives, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. THANK YOU God for your infinite mercy and love. AMEN

Coleen Saunders
2 years ago

Pray for all the people’s who are on there own during these difficult times.
May the Good Lord guide them and protect them always

2 years ago

What beautiful singers!! My spirit is at one with the Lord. This is before I take in the message!! An unforgettable Easter day thanks Bruce.

2 years ago

I have truly been blessed today as you will continue to unfold the scriptures so they will speak to my heart. Thank you Bruce and your Ministry. May the risen Christ continue to inspire you to reach out and touch the lives of others like you have myself. I pray that my daughters will reconnect with Jesus.

Steve A
2 years ago

thank you Bruce & all the team for inspiring us for all these years. i yearn that one day i can truly hear his voice

2 years ago

In the Resurrection Garden, Jesus, you call me by name.

I can’t help but respond to you . . . . . .

2 years ago

Thank you for the blessings over this Easter period.
I thank and Praise God for protecting my home, families and friends for the pandemic.

Happy Easter.

Angela Gayle
2 years ago

Hello I’m Angela Jesus Christ just healed me

Lois Pusateri
2 years ago

Your messages are very uplifting. Thanks!

Rita Martinez
2 years ago

Thank you all for helping us through lent. God bless.

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce, family and team! Happy Easter!
We are Blessed this Lent and Easter Season by your
Mission to serve us.

2 years ago

Happy Easter Everyone & I wish you all great health.In Jesus name.Amen

Leonie M Cornell
2 years ago

Thank you All for this wonderful Easter service. I pray that the people I have sent this link to, will indeed listen and be blessed as we are who see these teachings. God bless and the happiest Easter seasons.

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for your time spent on us..Happy Easter,God bless you and your family.

2 years ago

Happy Easter to everyone! Alleluia he has risen!
Thank you for all our blessings and especially my personal one on Easter Sunday.
Thank you God.
Bruce, Rosemary and team thank you all for your wisdom and words to make us understand our Lord.

Bless us all and embrace us dear Lord in your safe arms and protect us.

Bruce, the music and songs that your team sing, to they have any recordings of their music for the public?

Again thank you for everything, how much I look forward to seeing and hearing you daily.

2 years ago

Thank you for the teaching on Lent

Deanna Francke
2 years ago

Bruce wishing you, Rosemary & the team a Happy & Blessed Easter.
Also to thank you for the wonderful work that you do & to keep doing it.
May God Bless & keep you.

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Deanna Francke
2 years ago

Rosemary and Bruce,

Thank you for sharing your messages with us during this Easter season. May God continue to bless you.

Margret Baseraba
2 years ago

Thank you ????

2 years ago

Praise the lord.
And Thank u so much
And please pray for my family and my loving one

Margaret Smith
2 years ago

Thank you for this very inspirational msg thru music – I was very touched and inspired.

Lily Chan
2 years ago

Thank you God for everything!
So blessing to listen your teaching daily to close to God deeper and deeper! May God bless your ministry keep going on around the world…..