How to Encounter God like Never Before

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Elizabeth Leander
10 months ago


10 months ago

Bruce, thank you for your message today. Everything you shared was so powerful – I can see in my life the blessings that have come from encountering Jesus in my quiet time with Him daily. God does show up, and it really has changed my life! Thank you Jesus! ????????

10 months ago

Thank you Bruce!!!

10 months ago

I love hearing these messages. Today made me wonder if I am using my prayer time somehow wrong. I began my 15 minute visits with God in my prayer chair because of your encouragement in your daily talks. I don’t ever feel that encounter that you speak of though. I will keep listening for Him and I will keep praying. I love your ministry and include you all in my daily prayers.

Peter Dwyer
Reply to  Mary
10 months ago

Bruce, your talk about the chair made me realise that I have recently had my father’s old armchair transported, among other things, from my storage in Melbourne to my unit in Sydney. My father went to heaven over 14 years ago. His old armchair is now next to my bed with things piled on top of it. I should tidy it up and make it my prayer chair. God bless, Peter

Peter Dwyer
Reply to  Peter Dwyer
10 months ago

Sorry Mary, I sent this to you by mistake. I meant to send it to Bruce. I hope he gets to read it anyway.

Sandie murray
10 months ago

You are so right, one sided relations ships don’t work! Truth… God never gives up on anyone! He did everything needed, now we need to our part! We are in desperate times and my prayer is that we will call out and He will definitely answer and transform loves one person at a time!

Robyn Hall-Agent
10 months ago

I’ve read Personal Prayer, but seeing it in action has really stirred me up. Thank you for the illustration.

10 months ago

Do catholic’s in Australia marry? I don’t think they can marry in the United Kingdom.

Herbert STUART
10 months ago

Thanks for your encouragement ,the word of God

10 months ago

Prayer I believe is a holly conversation with God . I pray but not in a way that reward me with relevant answers

5 months ago

You have developed my prayer life over these last 3 years . I feel God’s presence He has given me so much every day as a new widow so much comfort and peace. May your amazing ministry through the power of God continue to reach all our searching souls.