Power Time - Between Christmas and New Year

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24 days ago

Powerful ! Great ! I am a list person too. I usually make a list of bullet points from your teaching each.day. Hope you enjoyed your socks, they will be a comfort in the cooler weather.

Valerie Simms
24 days ago

Thank you Bruce for this message, practical and spiritual where I need to listen! I will give tomorrow Bruce!!! To the Lord and to those who don’t have!!! God bless you all!!! I will be seeing you tomorrow!

22 days ago

I love to listen to the word of God, and to be strengthened in my prayers

20 days ago

Mr Downes, do you base your ministry on one of the original Bibles or the false catholic Bible? I wish to join your ministry, but only if your teachings/laws are gleened from the entire King James or any other true Bible. I await your reply asap. Thankyou.