Day 4 - January 6th

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David Massoud
2 years ago

Hi Bruce and Sandra, may God continue to bless and protect you in this new year. Thank you for your prayers and the work you do. God be with you.

Reply to  David Massoud
2 years ago


Belinda Lynch
Reply to  Jeanne
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce and Sandra, I think this is a major issue in society just now. People are so troubled and lost just now and find it hard to forgive. I loved the reading as i was awake through the night praying for just that, unity and forgiveness in my family. May God bless you and your families (Rosemary was brilliant last week) and thank you for keeping me so connected to the Yes you could Sandra! You done brilliant today!

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce and Sandra for this very relevant message today!!! Thank you for giving us this important opportunity to pray with you both, for unity and forgiveness within our own families!!! May the Lord continue to bless you both abundantly and your dear spouses, as well as all who do such great work in the ministries for the Lord, for us all, for those you are reaching now and for those you will reach in the future with the Lord’s help!!! I’ll see you tomorrow Bruce and guest, God Willing!

2 years ago

l am no longer a slave to fear l am as a child of the one true God .

Pamela Lang
2 years ago

Thank you for all your inspiration you have helped me as I can’t go to church as much because of the mask I feel I panic with them on

2 years ago

Unity and oneness “Lord God… may our blood related and “Blood Bought and paid for Family “ become one and the same!! Thank you Jesus…. We have the greatest privilege of calling GOD .. Father, and the gift of the Promised Holy Spirit to change hearts of stone into hearts of flesh!! May this year be the revival so needed throughout the World! 👍to Bruce and Rosemary and entire team, blessings and Gods favor!!🙏

2 years ago

Good morning Bruce i really enjoy every day your talk about God and everything we need to hear i found this site 6 months ago and will continue and give support whenever i can could you me the site for your new book to pray every day cant find the site thank you God bless

2 years ago

Forgive me Lord for being judgmental. Enjoyed the Bible reading today and prayers. Thank you.

Sally Ann Koester
2 years ago

Thanks so very much Bruce & Sandra 🙂 Yes, the condition of the family reflects the condition pf our society. Let us lift up all single parents & children born into the world who are neglected, abused or who receive no love.

Lucy Kimani
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce & Sandra for a wonderful talk. Be Blessed always

Marci Valente
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for introducing us to Sandra. God bless you both

2 years ago

Please pray for healing in my family this year between my daughters and my son and to have the faith that the Lord will hear us.