27 May - The Spirit Leads to Love

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4 months ago

Great teaching again. We can only live the Christian life in the Holy Spirits power,who lives in us.

Ursel Mihelcic
4 months ago

Thank You

4 months ago

Thank you, Bruce. Great message as always.

4 months ago

Bruce, the red background is disturbing. I can’t concentrate on your message with that background. I hope you can rectify this. God bless. I enjoy your messages.

Valerie Simms
4 months ago

Thank you Bruce for today’s message! Even though I got to watch this message later in the evening, there is always something NEW to learn and in most cases to change! I used to write down my prayers Bruce mainly in order to look back at the progress the Lord has done in my life. I agree Bruce that I do concentrate more when I am writing down my prayers but I take so long! It no longer becomes 15 minutes but over 1 hour! Have you any suggestions on how I could condense, shorten the time spent? Although I… Read more »

Mary Holtz
4 months ago

Thank you SO much, Bruce, for bringing your wonderful messages to us. “Come Holy Spirit” is now in my prayer every day.

Edwin Albert Pope
4 months ago

Once I did not want to obey the Law, it restricted my life in things that I wanted to do. But now I have the Holy Spirit in me connected with my spirit, all that past is gone, because I have a new life, an eternal life that I can enjoy in this world, experiencing God, Son and Holy Spirit; that is real freedom there is no other because that is what we were created for. One might say we have returned to the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve sinned. Bruce, you do a wonderful job of explaining… Read more »

Marci Valente
4 months ago

Thank you for today’s prayers. God bless you all.💞🙏🕊

4 months ago

Thank you Btruce..

4 months ago

amen .. amen ..thank you for this wonderful explanation— it makes everything just so much more worthwhile — GOD PLUS NOTHING — ONLY GOD–

4 months ago

I am a methodist and love listening to this daily. We are Christians Thank you

4 months ago

you just make every thing so easy to understand i enjoy listening to you thank you and god bless you and your family

Carla Villafana
4 months ago

Wow! yes! I used to go to church. Follow the Sunday rule. But now I have grown to wanting to go to Mass. This is why in spite of the pandemic I have “attended” Mass almost every single day.

Lucy Kimani
4 months ago

Thank you Bruce for the teaching. Be Blessed always