Finishing Well - Day 4

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Bernadette Winn
2 years ago

Happy New Year’s Eve Bruce, Rosemary and your fabulous team. I pray you all have a wonderful 2021 full of many joys and blessings. Don’t panic Bruce – if you didn’t get socks for Christmas you still might get them for your birthday ????. Love the banter between you two this week. All of us around the world have been so blessed, inspired, challenged, learned more about the scriptures and grown in our faith and have loved this year with you – I am sure! I for one am very glad you haven’t been able to travel so you could… Read more »

Jilba Georgalis
2 years ago

Thank you for your daily videos Bruce. I listen each morning and they help me be more aware of God being with me. I’m not Catholic but you have changed my opinion of Catholics who I used to think were stuck on works…mass, attending church, fasting etc. you have shown me there are many Catholics who, like us Protestants, love Jesus, His Word the Bible and just want to grow closer to Him daily. God bless you and Rosemary and the work you do.

2 years ago

God bless you both. Happy New Year.

John T
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and your team for this final chapter of this years talks walking daily with God, it has truly been a remarkable series and brought life and spiritual growth to us all and to those who have been suffering as a result of this pandemic. It’s helped each and everyone who have been touched by your words that have been delivered to us through the Holy Spirit.
May you all have a truly blessed New Year for 2021.????‍♂️????

2 years ago

A very happy and Spirit blessed New Year to all Thank you all the blessings bestowed on us .we look forward to future insights and blessings and trust that our God is ever closer to us.

2 years ago

Dearest Bruce, Rosemary and family,
Hope you have a Blessed and Holy New year. Thank you so much for all you have done through the power of God and prayer in our lives our faith continues to grow just when I think it can’t get any better it does Every day is a blessing. God Bless you and your team

Vicky Sammut
2 years ago

Happy New Year, Bruce and Rosemary. Thank you for all the inspiring videos, jottings and so much more. You have been a blessing to us every day and we can only be grateful that this came about because you could not travel this year. Your words have enlightened me and challenged my old way of thinking in many ways so I have become more aware of the presence of God and the Holy Spirit in my life. May God bless you and the ministry abundantly in the coming year.

2 years ago

Thank you so much i really enjoy your talks and prayers each morning. Blessings on you both as the new year dawns. With Christian love Virginia

2 years ago

If I could write my story for 2020, the title would be Expect the Unexpected (yes, your Advent title). I could NEVER have foreseen how my spiritual life has grown and been influenced by all 241 of your daily videos. What a journey I’ve been on! A year of enlightenment!
I am so grateful (beyond words) and give thanks to God for you, Rosemary and your team and look forward to continuing the journey with you.
Give thanks to the God for He IS so good.
God bless

Helen Pederson
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce & Rosemary for the wonderful videos each day. They have been a blessing in my life. Glad that you couldn’t travel & graced us every morning with your beautiful words.
Happy New Year to you both, your family & ministry. Looking forward to continuing the journey in 2021.
God bless.

Valerie Simms
2 years ago

Thank You Lord that You answered my prayer concerning this ministry that has reached out far and wide and touched so many people around the world. I pray Lord that this ministry continues to reach out to those who have not encountered You yet and have not experienced Your Love that is everlasting. I pray that this ministry continues to reach out to us to encounter You in an ever deepening way, to deepen our love for You and our relationship with You. Lord continue to build up and grow Your Church, among us Your Body I pray. Please continue… Read more »

Carol Hamilton
2 years ago

Thank you for all you and your ministry team do. It is a great encouragement and blessing listening to your videos and services.
May God bless you all and continue to supply all you needs this coming year so that His word is spread around the world and many may know the salvation of Jesus.
God bless you and keep you.
Much love and thanks in Jesus name.

Margaret Tavendale
Reply to  Carol Hamilton
2 years ago

Thank you for your wonderful program. I live in Cape Town with my beautiful daughter her husband and family. I pray with you and for you when I can. Keep up the wonderful work. Love and God bless you both in 2021. Margaret Tavendale ????????

Cheryl Grace
2 years ago

Happy New Year, Bruce, Rosemary, your family and the team. I pray that you will all stay safe and well in 2021. Thanks is such an inadequate word for what your videos, blogs, emails have meant to me in 2020. May the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit continue to guide you. God bless always.

Eily Bates
2 years ago

Thank you for your thoughts and insights.

Sandie Murray
2 years ago

So very blessed that you and Rosemary and your team are in the very center of Gods will! Your messages sharing His great love of all even, those who aren’t “yet” believers make the day more fruitful. Pique the interest of those who are on the fence so to speak and your ministry will continue enable the Holy Spirit to capture their hearts! Taste and see the goodness of the Lord! ????for your continued success to bring an awareness of a life worth living, for more financial partners, and favor everyday of 2021!! ???? Happy Birthday and a very Happy… Read more »

2 years ago

Happy New year to each of you ????