December 28th - Give Thanks

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John T
1 year ago

A lovely message Rosemary, at the end of your message I just sat and reflected on All the possible responses to give God thanks for.
Praise be to our God for he is good in all things 🙏 🕊

Cristina Leira
1 year ago

Thank you Rosemary, for today reflection. You are so full of the Holy Spirit, so beautiful inside and out. Thank you for the first moment the Holy Spirit put me in front of you and Bruce and gave the opportunity to grow from inside in my faith and in my knowledge. Thank you both for every afternoon that I am able to stay in front of you and listening the beauty of your messages

1 year ago

Great presentation thank you Rosemary!

1 year ago

Breathtaking, you serve Him very well! May the Holy Spirit come more alive in each of us and change this world into everything God planned! I loved when you said He wants more of a relationship with us than we do! Truer words were never spoken! Can’t wait for your message tomorrow! Be very blessed!

Marci Valente
1 year ago

God bless you also Rosemary. Have a blessed day. Thank you