How to be Led by the Holy Spirit - 14th June

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Jeanette Easton
14 days ago

So pleased Rosemary is recovering will continue to pray for her and you. Thank you Bruce for this morning’s message. You helped me so much in understanding The Holy Spirit in a very simple way. God Bless you.

14 days ago

This series is really profound for me. Since it began, I’ve become really conscious of my prayers being mostly directed to “God” or to “Jesus”. Although I’ve always prayed specifically to the Holy Spirit, especially around Pentecost and Trinity Sunday, the series is leading me to a deeper understanding. Thank you. .

14 days ago

Glad to know Rosemary is recovering. Bruce thank you once again for the daily devotion.

13 days ago


13 days ago

Thank you so much for helping me to understand the Holy Spirit better.You and the family are in my prayers, speedy recovery for Rosemary.
God bless

Onyema Agbebi
13 days ago

Praying for you and Rosemary
Healing and good health

13 days ago

Bruce, Praise the Lord happy to hear that Rosemary is healing thank Heaven you took her to the hospital when you did God bless you both.

Kathy higdon
13 days ago

The teaching of how to receive the Holy Spirit helps a lot. Praying for Rosemary that she heals soon!

Gloria Young
13 days ago

Thank you Bruce for making me understand the full power of the Holy Spirit and how to pray to the Holy Spirit to become fully spiritually. God bless you all

Pedie Karn
13 days ago

Praying that Rosemary recovers quickly and completely, and that her medical team treats her with kindness and compassion always. Father, I ask in the name of Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen

13 days ago

Thank you Bruce for this message this morning, and praying for a speedy recovery for Rosemary. May God be with you all.

13 days ago

So glad Rosemary is on the mend. God Bless both of you.

13 days ago

Continued prayers for Rosemary.

13 days ago

I pray Rosemary will continue to recover. God Bless to her and you and all your team. Thank you for the Holy Spirit series. It is the second time for me and I am so blessed that you are doing this again. My understanding is improving and I am so grateful because I need this very badly.

Christine D sanchez
13 days ago

prayers for Rosemary. may she get well soon. god bless.

Jean Brown
13 days ago

glad to hear that Rosemary is doing well praying for her bless you

13 days ago

Praying for a good recovery and healing.Blessings for a good health

13 days ago

🙏🏻for Rosemary.

13 days ago

What a blessing to be guided in prayer, and to feel the Holy Spirit upon us. God bless us all.

13 days ago

So happy Rosemary is doing better good job 👏🏻 Bruce keeping and teaching the Faith. God ❤️ Bless You All 😊.

12 days ago

So happy that Rosemary is recovering. We need her to be healthy, so that she can do her Heart to Heart series for women that I just love.

12 days ago

So glad rosemary is recovering

11 days ago

Heló Bruce Iwas desconect for some time.:Today I hear about Rosemary. Hope everything is well