1 April - Going Deeper to be Renewed

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Johanne Leavasa
11 days ago

Thank you so much for spreading the good news and for making my lent extra special this year. I look forward to your word for the soul every morning before I get out of bed, and before work. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family.

maggie shields
Reply to  Johanne Leavasa
10 days ago

What a wonderful message of inspiration for us. I pray that you will be blessed. Me too am struggling to have a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Margaret Lambrick
11 days ago

Thankyou for your message. Blessings to you & your family.

11 days ago

Inspirational talks .Good on you

Chiarina M Blake
11 days ago

the body and blood of Jesus received is real but cannot be explained but must be experienced by each individual. We can make it happen.

Pauline Fay
11 days ago

Thank you so much for leading us spiritually through lent with your talks, prayers & meditations. I look forward to each day,s ‘gift’ and will continue after Easter with you. God bless you & your family, in your faith work.

Tracy Wells
11 days ago

Thank you Emma for sharing your life, your wonderful family, and your real struggles and feelings with all of us. You have brought the truth of picking up our cross and following The Lord doesn’t mean to follow in gloom and depression. It means – like your father reminded us today – that we are doing this with hope and thankfulness and to look forward to God’s Graces and Peace that have come with all of our struggles! How I deal with the struggles of our 27 year old son’s declining physical, mental, and spiritual health for the past 10… Read more »

Valerie Simms
11 days ago

Thank you Bruce for this important message on Holy Thursday! I love how you Bruce delve deeper into the Scriptures and bring them to life. This message is no exception! I thank you for stressing the importance that all our troubles, hardships, struggles of life, they crowd us to Jesus for DEPENDENCE ON HIM! It’s too late for me to see your daughter’s message tonight. I do believe I have already seen it but, I will see it again. Because I know there may be some parts of the message I didn’t quite take in the first time! And would… Read more »

Reply to  Valerie Simms
10 days ago

So beautifully put Valerie. As you so said delving into the scriptures to bring them to life. It proves what has been so often said The Holy Bible is the ‘living Word’.

Mary Margaret
11 days ago

Thank you for teaching God’s Truth and God’s love to us. The Lent series has been a blessing!

Lucy Kimani
11 days ago

Blessed Holy Thursday!

11 days ago

Yes, Holy Thursday…the Eucharist, the Washing of the feet…and at the end of Mass, the Exposition of the Blessed Eucharist, I remembered that Jesus asked his Apostles to wait for Him while he prayed to His Father…..so that image was with me while I sat in the church like I was in the Garden.

11 days ago

Thank you! Help us Lord, to carry our burdens and crosses in life with compassion and love, with hope and forgiveness. Amen.

Isabel Jimenez
11 days ago


11 days ago

Please pray for my niece who was in a horrible auto accident this week. She is, thank the good Lord, going to survive. No internal organs were damaged, but has multiple breaks in her leg, 9 broken ribs, and some severe bruises on her body.
recuperation is going to be a long and difficult road for her and her family.

Mary Danburg
11 days ago

Thank you for the spreading of good news of Jesus. Happy Holy Thursday

julia hayes
10 days ago

Beautiful and inspiring testament to love and pain God Bless you Emma

Doug McColl
10 days ago

Hello, Bruce.
Your messages are appreciated.
The love of God brings us close to God and to Jesus. Jesus is always with us….His love is real.
God Bless. Amen.

10 days ago

may God bless you and your family. thank you Bruce for spreading God’s word.

10 days ago

Thank you Bruce for another piece of fresh manna from heaven, another sumptuous meal. And I have watched your daughter Emma. At my age, 83, it was, such wonderful truths from heaven, “out of the mouths of ‘children'”. Even at my ‘young’ age I can still learn new things about God.

10 days ago

Thank you once again. A beautiful reminder of Jesus’s service to us … His love for us. I was very fortunate to be the in the last seat available at the Last supper Mass. I prayed hard for the gentleman behind me who was turned away.

9 days ago

I’ve listened to the Heartbeat extra 5 x. Thanks it is so touching and meaningful .

8 days ago

I have been so blessed this Easter. Thank you for your Lenten talks. I will continue to watch now that I have found your ministry. Thank you and God Bless you real good.

7 days ago

The passion stirred much emotion in me this year.

Vicki Little
7 days ago

Love this, can’t wait to a deeper relationship with our Lord.