2 April - Life Given So You Can Live

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Robert Falzon
10 days ago

Thankyou for your Good Friday message. I was deeply touched by your words and prayer.
I am greatly truly for your ministry and life.
May the Lord of Life sustain your ministry .

Rayleen Green
10 days ago

I was so moved by your beautiful message and you taught me something I really needed to hear ..God bless you ..thank you

Margaret Lambrick
10 days ago

Thank you for your message Bruce.

dorothy anne nicholls
10 days ago

i have watched Emmas testimoney it is powerful and great lesson to us all on how to look at our circumstances .
God bless you Emma thankyou for sharing .

Elsie Tagliaferri-Boudy
10 days ago

I feel dismayed that I feel could this all be true. It is so hard to believe that Jesus did this great act for everyone who has ever been born. The immensity seems too much to believe a bit like a fairy story. Could God have planned to save us? I am so unprepared to suffer or encounter the difficulties of life. I am no hero just so unsure of so many things.

Deanna Francke
10 days ago

Thank you Bruce for this touching message this Good Friday , also for this entire Lenten journey which has touched me at times & helped me to come closer to God.
May God Bless you, Rosemary your entire family & team abundantly this Easter.Easter Blessings✝🌼🙏

Valerie Simms
10 days ago

Thank you Bruce for this Good Friday message that I was able to write down and meditate upon. I did get to hear your daughter’s message for the second time and jotted down her message and prayer also, to reflect upon too! God bless you Bruce, Rosemary and all the working members of this ministry! See you on Sunday Bruce?

Anthea Kwaw
10 days ago

Thank you for your powerful message Emma. May the Good Lord continue to bless you and your family and strengthen you. May Hannah continue to be a source of joy and love for you. God bless you always.

10 days ago

On the back of a Book mark I have written “This year (as never before) I am experiencing walking in a newness of life this Lent season. I am grateful.” Thank you Bruce. It’s because of your daily ministry.

10 days ago

What a great message Bruce, thank you for what you do, sharing the message and reflection in such a way that many can relate and connect with. God bless you and your ministry.

10 days ago

Wow, what a message from Emma. I was always taught that ‘God only gives you a burden you can carry’ so this he reinforced that in an extraordinary way. Thank you and God Bless you and Hannah. 🙏🙏

10 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your message today. We Catholics, this is the most important time in our lives, so precious, so sacred, so Holy and so central to our faith. I used to be a Pentecostal and love what they have and have given me, yet they seem to lack the depth of holiness that I get as a Catholic. I prepare the music for our Church and slowly they are realizing that music is part of our praise and worship. One man said to me, “You are good with the music”. I said, “No, It will be good one… Read more »

Charlotte Newberry
10 days ago

Your messages have been a gift to my spirit , heart , mind and soul .🙏🏼

Delores Columbus
10 days ago

Thank for your Good Friday message and all of your messages throughout this Lent. I was wondering how I could make this Lent all it could be for me but didn’t know what I could do with the pandemic limiting everything. My sister told me about your Lenten series, and I am so happy that she did. Thank you again for your inspirational messages and for helping make this Lent a meaningful journey. I also watched your daughter, Emma’s, message on the Cross and was truly moved and inspired. Thank you again, and I will continue to watch. God bless… Read more »

10 days ago

Bruce, your daughters message was so breathtaking!!! I can’t thank her enough for sharing! May you and your family and entire staff continue to be blessed as you make a difference to everyone who listens!!

Annetha Persaud
10 days ago

Good Morning and Thank you for your awesome Good Friday message👏

Marci Valente
10 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your Good Friday message. God bless you and your family. Have a blessed Easter Week. 🙏✝️🕊💝🌈

Vicki L Fox
10 days ago

Thank you, Bruce and Emma for such powerful messages!

Sandra Pantina
10 days ago

I am grateful to have had these lessons throughout Lent. I wanted to donate but I was unable to enter my card number.God Bless you. Have a very blessed Easter.

Sandra Pantina
10 days ago

I decided to try again and the donation was successful. One of my keys was sticking. Thank you for all of your wonderful words. This has been the best Lent for me in a prayerful way thanks to your daily messages.

julia hayes
10 days ago

resonated in my heart this wonderful
feeling of love⭐❤

Mary Danburg
10 days ago

Thank you for the message of Good Friday and the closed captioned. I am a deaf woman.

Anthony Caruso
10 days ago

Thank You Brue for this message you give to us. Good Friday and this Holy Week is one I needed to really take part in. I enjoy listening to you and how you carefully present Gods word to us. Happy Easter.

10 days ago

Thank you for your powerful message. I watched Emma’s testimony yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful and made me search my heart and to be thankful for all of Gods blessings on me and my family! You should be so proud as I know you are.🙏🙏🙏

Last edited 10 days ago by Joyce
10 days ago

Thank you . . .
Prayer is powerful 🙏

Maura Quinn
10 days ago

God bless you, Emma. That is a powerful message. I’m full of admiration for the way you and your husband have allowed Hannah to be Hannah when the temptation might have been to “change her essence”. A great message for me. Thank you.

Gemma Barton Hewitt
10 days ago

God bless you & your family
Thanks for sharing all the wonderful videos on this lenten journey they were really inspiring
I was deeply moved by Emma’s GOOD FRIDAY message
Blessings to all

Jones Ruth
10 days ago

I listened to your daughter yesterday, and I cried through most of it. GOD BLESS you and your family through the rest of Holy Week.

Jean Merron
9 days ago

I’ve not been to church for ages and we do take it fir granted ive just live streem though I would nit need to go again but I we t maundy Thursday amd toddy good Friday I even took my dog she was do good .but at the end of mass our priest announced that the previous parish priest had died age 92 on good Friday morning I was In tears he was sucha good faithful priest please pray for his soul he always said the best time to die is st raster and he got his wish and good… Read more »

Lucy Kimani
9 days ago

Thanks Bruce for the encouraging words. Blessed Good Friday!

Jay Wothe
9 days ago

Oh Bruce my brother,
I have gotten so much out of your efforts in line with God’s lead in this daily retreat. I am very very moved by your daughters testimony! And I just feel so blessed and thankful 🙏.
I just can’t explain deeply enough. But I know you understand. Amen Amen

9 days ago

I was not able to attend church today, I’m so happy to hear your message.

Sally Koester
9 days ago

I listened to Emma’s beautiful, heartfelt, powerful & beautiful message. Thanks for sharing!

9 days ago

Bruce thank you for sharing your lovely daughter Emma with us. May Our Lord grant blessings on You and your family. Your granddaughter Hannah is sooooo loved. ♥️

Diana A Saenz
9 days ago

Today’s message was beautiful. Thank you Bruce.

9 days ago

Dear Bruce thanking our Lord for the beautiful messages He gives to us through you .

Veronica Abrahams
9 days ago

I want to say a huge thank you to Bruce & his team! Your daily message & teachings have blessed me so much & made my Lent one of the most meaningful in years! I put my brother in my private prayers list & it is amazing how God has put people in his life to take him in a spiritual direction!
Please continue to pray for the spiritual transformation of my brother.
A very happy Easter to Bruce Downes, his family & team. May your good work continue to change lives!

Marci Valente
9 days ago

Thank you Bruce for this Good Friday message. We are truly blessed for you and Emma and your ministry. Wishing all your family a Blessed Easter weekend. Looking forward to the Resurrection season with you. Good bless you immensely. 🙏🕊💞💐

Helene Michaud
8 days ago

I can relate to what you said on Easter Sunday I took care of elderly‘s and while I was flashing them God spoke to me and sad you know it’s me or washing . And when I took Adam in my home at the age of seven months who was severely handicap God told me you will be his hands he will be his feet he will be his eyes and you will be his mouth this child taught me so much I praise God for giving me is characters with him every day if you listen and you look… Read more »

Nancy Dayton
7 days ago

Thank you Bruce Downes for the amazing journey you led me through during Lent. I honestly don’t remember how I found your ministry. It touched me so much right from the beginning that I got my sister watching you as well. Everyday I would look forward to listening to your message, so I will continue following you. God bless you for helping others see to God in a different way and for strengthening their faith.

Nora Ward
5 days ago

Bruce, it has been a joy following you this Lenten season. Thank you.