Who is Jesus? - 15th August

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Trevor and Tina Lambkin
1 year ago

Looking forward to this series. Well done Bruce!!!

John T
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce and team, that was a beautiful introduction into Who is Jesus, I pray that all who watch this series will be truly blessed 🙏🕊 Amen

Reply to  John T
1 year ago

I agree, Amen.

1 year ago

Lord Jesus, I believe, help my unbelief, deepen and increase my faith.

Reply to  Lee
1 year ago


Susan Breiding
1 year ago

As I fell asleep I realized I had not listened yet to the Weekly. I always listen in the early morning, take my notes pray for my people and talk personally to my new friend the Holy Spirit. I got up grabbed the computer and found the Weekly. It just ignited my heart and I am excited for the series to begin tomorrow. I think at the end of it I will have two new friends! Looking to make this a trifecta.. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for finding me.

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for a wonderful beginning. Come Holy Spirit & bring Jesus more fully alive in our hearts, & minds. God Bless you Bruce. 🙏

1 year ago

I have listened to many speaker in the past however your ministry is so apt for me . Your are revealing so much biblical knowledge which reveals in our Catholic practice. Thank you Bruce l

1 year ago

Thanks Bruce and team you a special blessing to all of us

1 year ago

How wonderful to hear of several interpretations of our Lord. It’s an interesting fact that Jesus was born in a different part of the world than the continent I live on and his skin was darker and eyes were probably brown. 80% of the worlds eye color is brown. I grew up with a picture of Christ looking like this. He was knocking on a door that I saw as my heart. Thank you and God bless you and yours!

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for this new series message, Knowing Jesus!!! I am sure that you Bruce will be able to bring new insight as the Holy Spirit inspires you concerning our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ!!! I am so looking forward to the new series Bruce!!! May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly Bruce, Rosemary and those who work in the ministries as you all do good work for our Lord and for us all too!!!

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Kathy higdon
1 year ago

Looking forward to the weeks ahead! Thank you for sharing and teaching us

Ann Duwyn
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for enlightening us. The Holy Spirit is doing a great job guiding you!

Gloria Young
1 year ago

Bless you Bruce looking forward for the next journey of Who is Jesus .

Margaret Winn
1 year ago

Do you do talks at churches

Marjorie Jobb
1 year ago

Good Saturday Sunny morning!