You Are Made in the Image of God - January 20th

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Therese O'BRIEN
2 years ago

Bruce always speaking wonderfully well and today looking great in the yellow shirt!

Reply to  Therese O'BRIEN
2 years ago

Agree Therese, and with a quiet chuckle regarding Bruce’s yellow checked shirt.
God Bless.

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Jeanne
2 years ago

Didn’t know my yellow check shirt would be noticed. Thank you. I will have to wear it again tomorrow.

Reply to  Bruce Downes
2 years ago

😀…I noticed it initially and then when you begin to teach…I am grateful and forget all else! But enjoy your humor Bruce!

Ursel Mihelcic
2 years ago


2 years ago

Happy are you poor ; the kingdom of God is yours .

Vicky Sammut
2 years ago

A beautiful interpretation of God.

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce. Wonderful comments today. God Bless you & Rosemary. Noticed your different image today. Blessings.

Susan Newton
2 years ago

Loving these devotions that make us think and expand our mind and thinking. Thank you and praise our God.

2 years ago

Bruce yet another AMAZING MESSAGE TO TAKE IN!!! I am so glad I listened to this message!!! It may have been about a month ago that I had a discussion with my sister about WHO GOD IS. As far as she was concerned she believed that the whole Bible was made up by certain individuals with limited understanding. So they made God appear just like themselves. Meanwhile I was trying to explain that God is SOOO BEYOND OUR COMPREHENSION that in order to communicate with us God would use imagery that we could relate to and understand. There is NO… Read more »

Beth Graas
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for acknowledging women today. You do that so well in all your talks. So fantastic to hear a man speak of his love and admiration for his wife.
Have you seen and/ or read the book and movie called “The Shack”? Fabulous movie for expanding ones concept of the trinity. God is cast as a black woman in the movie. I need to watch it again!
For us in Canada experiencing bitter cold and snow – your summer wardrobe colours are a breath of fresh air!!❤️

Reply to  Beth Graas
2 years ago

You are so right about The Shack – both the movie and the book are wonderful and give such a great image of God.

2 years ago

Not many people know this to be truth! Answers the question why Adam needed a help mete🤗. Men don’t think like women and women don’t think like men but with the unity and sacredness of marriage under the headship of God now that’s is an unbearable combination! When two or more gather I am in the midst!!!! When two or more agree in prayer!!! Now that in itself is amazing!!!

Reply to  Sandie
2 years ago

So agree Sandie – I’d never given any significant thought to the gender issue in relation to God’s image previously. Reflecting on Bruce’s talk, I sort of concluded that it is the combination of attributes of both male and female (query: is it the actual attributes or consciousness/awareness that is the important factor?). And then when the union of man and woman leads to children, we again get the connection back to Trinity (mother and father and child = 3).

Marci Valente
2 years ago

Good morning Bruce, very colourful lesson today. We are truly blessed by the women in our lives and by you also. Have a great day.

denise belt
2 years ago

good message today and it was wonderful to hear your appreciation of your wife, Rosemary. She is indeed, a treasure. By the way, I agree with many others that the yellow shirt was a hit.

2 years ago

To me God is beyond gender. God is neither male, female, or any combination but God and ‘he’ will I think exist for you in whatever way you choose. Comments

Jones Ruth
2 years ago

This was so good today. Thank you! GOD BLESS you and your entire family as well as your work family.

Beverly Holzinger
2 years ago

Please see my short book on Amazon/Kindle
GOD: OUR FATHER AND MOTHER. IF you would like a PDF, I will gladly send you a copy.

Barbara Naylor
2 years ago

What a beautiful thing to say about your wife, wow
It’s so lovely