Day 1 - Ash Wednesday

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Rose Campa
1 year ago

I wasn’t sure if I would like or get anything from this series on lent, but I’m grateful for the guidance. I will be watching everyday.

1 year ago

We walk in trust into this Springtime of Lent, open to God’s invitation and challenge. Thank you, Bruce

1 year ago

Thank you as I walk this journey learning how to be the best person God wants me to be

Maria Agius
1 year ago

Thank you bruce for teaching me the way to walk in the journey with god and learning to be the best person i can in this journey through lent god bless

Pride McMahon
1 year ago

Very inspiring just what I needed to help me to make this lent all it can be with our blessed Lord’s help guidance mercy and grace. Thank you so much and God bless you and your whole team

Rita Lewis
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce, for leading, guiding and allowing me to join you, on this Lenten journey.
I pray for God’s blessing….To walk alongside me, open my heart to his calling, and strengthen me, to be the best version of his design.

1 year ago

Thank you for leading us on this journey through Lent. We all need reminders of God’s love and suffering for us.

Mary Booker
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce and team. I will walk this journey and trust in the Lord.

1 year ago

Hi Bruce, I’m praying the Holy Spirit will guide me to be what God created me to be!

Brigitte Kiiza
1 year ago

I want to thank our Lord for another opportunity that our Lord has granted for us to come closer to him . I’m really looking forward for this exciting journey and praying for strength and blessings to fulfill our wishes Amen

Nathan H
1 year ago

May we walk together as brother’s and sister’s towards the victory of the cross.

1 year ago

I am here to make a fresh start. Thank you for inviting me to join this year.

Colleen Bracken
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for your inspirational guidance. God bless you and your team.

1 year ago

Thank you for the soul stirring message, enabling us to enter the season of Lent, enlightened.

Deanna Francke
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce looking forward to walking this journey with you.

1 year ago

Thank you, you definitely were speaking to me, our Heavenly Father I open my heart willing, to become the person you want me to be, but I cant do this alone, I ask that the Holy Spirit to guide me thru lent, and that my heart receive your message thru the true gospel of your word, please teach me to be patient like your son Jesus, I ask his Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

1 year ago

Good morning everyone learning about Lent.

Tass horn
1 year ago

I’m so thankful iam on this journey.Thank you so much

Robert Joseph CharlierAnglim
1 year ago

Thank you for the beginning of Lent this year. Last year I discovered your Lent 2019 session after it had started. So Glad to be at the start of this session, Bruce. God Bless you…

Malia Tolitule
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce.
God Bless.

1 year ago

Hi Bruce,
Thank you for your dedication to follow after God in this season of all our lives! I truly want to draw closer to our Savior, for I feel that the cares of life have dulled and drawn me away from my first love! Please pray that I will start a fresh walk with our Savior during this season. Thank you for your ministry!

Ruth Ann
1 year ago

Your talk today really spoke to my heart…..looking forward to going on this Lenten Journey with you each day! Thank you and God Bless you+++

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for your guiding daily video. Though I am a cradle Catholic, I have never really been able to live a good Lent. With your help I am looking forward to making this Lent my best ever.

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce, loved the ending prayer.

1 year ago

I am excited for this Lenten journey. Thank you, Bruce. Lord, bless our efforts and transform us to be the person you created us to be. Amen.

1 year ago

Thank-you Bruce for these videos like monthly rosary you did in October 2018- I really appreciate this.