Day 16

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Patricia A Hernandez
3 years ago

Beautiful food for our Soul its so touching
Thank you so much

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce. Sometimes we make prayer complicated . When all we have to do is be in His presence., anywhere anytime.

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce in Jesus’s Name ✝️????????????????✝️????????????????✝️????????????????

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce, I really am appreciating the way you are actually helping us by way of providing methods, actual ‘tips’, that help us pray and get closer to God. So many of us know God and love God through our minds, but we are at a loss on how to reconnect with our hearts. I especially loved your words of wisdom in your Day 15 video where you shared how you begged God to give you faith on an hourly/daily basis…that we can’t rely on our own efforts alone. This was a BIG ‘aha’ moment for me. Today, you… Read more »

Leonie Cornell
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce. You always have another way of helping us. Even when we have heard this before, you make if fresh and better again. Come Lord Jesus, I just want You. Do in me what You will.
May each of us spend some part of every day in this way.

3 years ago

Here I am Lord..I want to be in Your presence

3 years ago

Knowing jesus more, in simply being with him…. open to his friendship, to his wisdom, to his compassion, to his love . . . .