Day 17

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3 years ago

Bruce, may your journeying to the West Coast bring you and Rosemary greater fullness of life!
Thank you for your practical wisdom shared in today’s prayer.
May you know the peace of Jeremiah’s words:
My plans for you are for peace, not disaster . . . .” a fullness of life and well-being. . . .

3 years ago

Loved today’s message delivered on the straight road in middle of the Nullarbor -I pray for a safe journey and that God will continue to bless you and Rosemary as you relocate back “home” to Perth. I love today’s passage on trust in God – in fact I have it written on a beautiful plaque on my dressing table and I read the message every day – it is especially relevant to me at the present time as I have sold my house and will be relocating somewhere – not sure where – but all I do know is that… Read more »

3 years ago

Rosemary and Bruce as you travel west back “home”, there are many blessings and trust is truly present. I know you will be blessed abundantly and so will your ministry. Thank you for all your wisdom and good model of how to trust God and serve Him.
The East coast will miss you, but God knows where you need to be.

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Leonie
3 years ago

Hello Leonie Thank you for your warm wishes. The move to Perth was not to return to where I grew up as many people think but because there are a couple of staff members already based in Perth who are not able to travel and move, so recording some of our material in Perth will help greatly. We will build a number of centers in the East for the ministry and overseas and record in these places as well. We are also going to be recording consistently in the USA. When Rosemary and I first got married we felt like… Read more »

3 years ago

I like the analogy of the straight road. Good luck in your endeavours.

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Diane
3 years ago


Thank you for the backdrop!!! Your message went along with the scenery. The Scripture from your message is one of my favorites, thank you for explaining it so wel.l