Day 18

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3 years ago

Gossip and fake news destroys lives and souls. Faith is like gold, the most precious gift. Dear Lord let me always know you I pray.

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Pam
3 years ago

Hello Pam I want to join you in your prayer that you would always know the love, freedom, joy and focus of being in a personal, powerful, intimate relationship with God all the days of your life. Amen. I was introduced to the idea of knowing God personally when I was a teenager by a Catholic priest. I had never heard it before. He use to always say to me, ‘Jesus can be your friend, you can know him personally.’ He showed me how and God has been with me through all of life’s journey. God has changed my life… Read more »

John Tomczak
3 years ago

Hi Bruce and team,
The messages that you have put out have been very powerful and uplifting, so much so that by listening to them I’ve found parts that can be shared with others in my life who are troubled, fearsome, anxious and need that little promting to listen to your talks to help them move forward with God living in their daily lives.
Thank you for delivering such great messages and for using the scenery of the outback as a tool to deliver the last two messages ????

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce.l am sorry Lord for allowing ,other people’s comments from taking the path you have led me to. .l pray Lord that l will grow in love and your confidence, and will not allow other people to pull me away from the task you want me to do.Thank you Lord.

John Purcell
3 years ago

Hi Bruce and team
This is a fantastic message at a time when gossip seems to be such a prevalent affliction of our society. I believe you are right; it is a serious sin and we all need to be on our guard against it creeping into our lives. I particularly liked the visual link to C Y O’Conner and the Goldfields Pipeline. This was a very tangible and powerful reminder of the devastating harm that gossip can do. Keep those great messages coming. Regards, John

Leonie Cornell
3 years ago

I have been privileged to see this pipeline. It is such a testament to C J Conner and to the ability of people to join together and achieve. May we Lord, catch our thoughts and words so that untruths or hurting comments do not cross our lips and that if we victims of gossip, we come to you Lord and find the way to be free from its damage.

Thank you Bruce once more for your insightful messages that are truly transforming.

3 years ago

Hi Bruce, thank you, I really needed to hear this! God bless you, Rosemary and all involved in your ministry. ✝️????????????????✝️????????????????✝️????????????????

3 years ago

To take away someone’s good name is so sinful…I despair at the gossip created about public figures in Australia and US. Thank you Bruce and team..I pray also for those public figures, politicians and clergy.

3 years ago

What a strong message that was & couldn’t have been delivered more beautifully in those soundings. Powerful. ????????????

3 years ago

I needed to hear this today, I was very troubled n hurt by family members n friends telling me my husband is not doing enough. They rub it in that their spouses have been amazing n supportive. I know he is doing enough n even though he grumbles (he is human) he is doing the best he can. I will not doubt him n let gossip diminish my marriage. I will forgive them n make myself guard my tongue (I admit that I failed sometimes) n even if my husband is not always jumping up n down in eagerness to… Read more »

3 years ago

Thank you GOD for who I am in you.

3 years ago

Wow! Such a powerful, powerful message!

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Emma
3 years ago


Thank you for another heart-filled message, another beautiful scenery and the history of the pipeline.