Day 24

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3 years ago

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for this time of grace. You are almighty, all loving and merciful. We come before you as we are, and we know that you see our hearts that yearn for you and our minds that long for you. You have given us Lord, a unique opportunity in these days, to slow our lives down and give you the first place in our lives. You wait with eager longing to fill us with your peace and power. Thank you Lord for all these graces that you do pour out and that you will continue to pour… Read more »

Reply to  Susanne
3 years ago

Thank you
I woke up this morning with anxiety due to conditions at work and home brought on by The pandemic we are facing.

I will slow down, not worry because I can do all things in Jesus name. It is Christ who gives us strength to not worry.

3 years ago

Dear God thank you for giving us Bruce and his message each day in these difficult times when others appear to have abandoned us , we can still have a simple and heart felt lesson. We know God you are in charge,keep our faith strong .and focused. I pray also for the people living alone who may feel very isolated, keep them safe and comforted. Amen

Reply to  Pam
3 years ago

Amen, and thank you????

Jeanette Easton
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce again for this wonderful message. I do trust and I do believe

3 years ago

Thank you Lord that you have given us this time of grace to spend more time in your presence. I thank you for our leaders both political and spiritual that have taken the hard decisions to keep your people safe. I thank you for all in the medical fields who are caring for the sick. I trust that in your abundance of mercy you will keep them and their familes safe. I trust that you will provide for all the businesses that are struggling. Give your people generous hearts to share with those who have not, to love without limit… Read more »

3 years ago

Praying with you.

3 years ago

Thank God for God.

3 years ago

Into you hands Lord I commend my life and the lives of those I love for you have the words of Everlasting Life for all.

Patricia A Hernandez
3 years ago

Beautiful and warming thank you for giving me of mind God Bless you always

Christine ONeill
3 years ago

Your message today is so powerful. Thankyou and God bless you and your ministry. You bring sanity and faith to this crazy panicking world. God you know all that it hidden from us, increase our faith.

3 years ago

Thank you for this powerful reminder, .

3 years ago

Bruce just want share this with you and all our wonderful friends, at mass this morning our priest told us that the new virus we are faced with is fear and that the antivirus is prayer. Please everyone keep praying and believe in Gods good mercy.
Thank you for your wonderful talks and may God bless you and your family

Deanna Francke
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for these wonderful words at a time like this when we are all looking for reassurance what could be better but to entrust our lives to God & ask Him to lead the way. May God Bless you, Rosemary & the team.

3 years ago

Thank you Jesus for this message today as so many of us face different challenges. Thank you that you care for and love us and undertake for all our needs. Help us to let go and let God.
Help me through my journey of grief.
Thank you Lord for Bruce and his ministry bless them for all the wonderful work that they do everyday. Bless them as they walk us through this Lenten journey especially as many are not able to attend church.
In Jesus precious name Amen ????

3 years ago

Thank you God, I surrender to Your plan for me.

Christine Rick
3 years ago

WOW! This is so needed during this time. May God give us the peace and may we open our hearts to it!!!

3 years ago

Thank you God for being there with us through this difficult journey we are all going through right now. May our faith strengthen during this time. Amen

JJ Revab
3 years ago

Bruce, Thank you for this wonderful message at this terribly trying time.

3 years ago

The LORD hears his people when they call to him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles. Psalm 34:17. Thank you Father for your Word today as you reassure us that you hear us when we call you for help and you will rescue us from troubles. We don’t have to worry because you are standing with us as we go through. As we pray to you for guidance and give You thanks for all You have have done. You know our needs and our hearts desire. Thank you for using your Servant Bruce to bring us guidance… Read more »

Laura Picard
3 years ago

Good Morning Bruce and Rosemary from Florida, Thank you for all you do. It took me a long time to come back to my Catholic faith. Listening to you and other Catholics teaches me that there are just other worship styles. I found a complete Catholic church here with even a Charismatic prayer group. Jesus said if they are for me they are not against me. When the disciples tried to stop someone from doing God’s work. I believe we could all take that to heart and put it to use in our own lives. God bless all you do!… Read more »

Margaret Funari
3 years ago

Need extra prayers. Son in law being tested for corona virus. All my family may have been exposed. I’m trying to trust in God. Thank you, Bruce!

3 years ago

Thank you for your enlightening comments on various extracts of scripture.
The one thing that worries me in life is the intense suffering throughout the ages that so many people have to endure in wars ,famines and sickness. If God loves us so much it makes you wonder why. Even the poor animals in the recent bush fires, assuming some were caused by a lighting strike and not an arsonist, had to endure incredible pain, as with all natural disasters. This regularly challenges my faith.

Vivienne Ruffini
3 years ago

Where is God we ask. God is here, speaking through you Bruce, right now. I am so grateful to have been on this Lenten Journey. I am eighty-five, have done many programs, but this has been so special, and opportune. Yes, with this world pandemic we are all in this together. Maybe I am naive, but somehow I feel God is strongly reminding us of his presence, many believe he doesn’t exist or matter. Is this the wake-up call we all need to heed? I believe it is, this could lead to a world conversion. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful… Read more »

Theresa Annie
3 years ago

I’m sitting here with a new found sense of peace that only comes from God. In S.C. we are so affected by this virus..lives lost, families with no income, children that hopefully won’t go hungry…but still remembering that God is control..that He is The Great Physician, that He is the only one that gives us peace that passes all understanding❤️ Now is the time to spread the Good News…Now is the time to let others know about the peace that surpasses all understanding…the peace that can only come from God❤️

Gloria Audelo
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce great message and teaching we need it now more than ever God is with us

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Gloria Audelo
3 years ago


Thank you for the wonderful message.

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Holy Triune God, during this difficult crisis I place into Your hands all of us around the world, our health, our daily needs, work and the threat of mass unemployment, global economic instability, social isolation, our families, our loved ones, friends and neighbours, the sick, the elderly. Those who are infected with the corona virus and those in the medical profession around the world who risk their own lives, to assist in their recovery, those who are earnestly seeking a medical breakthrough to stop the death tally of this virus in our global community. I trust in You Lord God… Read more »

Sandi Francis
3 years ago

Dear Lord I thank you for the inspirational messages that Bruce delivers each day. I have been through some good times and deep valleys…but you have always been with me. You have provided strength, understanding, love, and companionship. Thank you Bruce for being such a divine instrument of the Lord. And thank you Lord Jesus. Amen

3 years ago

This is my daily prayer that I would like to share: Heavenly Father walk with me today, and grant that I may hear your footsteps and gladly follow where they lead. Talk with me today and grant that I may hear your tender voice, and quicken to its counsel. Stay with me today and grant that I may feel your gentle presence in all I do, say and think. Be my strength when I weaken, my courage when I fear. Help me to know that it is your hand holding mine through all the hours of this day. And when… Read more »

Betty Ann Heck
3 years ago

Inspiration in trying times! Thank you!

Dino Mascione
3 years ago

“Do not be Afraid,” appears over 300 times in The Bible. Trust in that and in the Lord. Proverbs 3:5-6.

3 years ago

Thank you God for your protection, for your embrace, and your love, mercy, and the gift of peace. In your name I pray our Heavenly Father. Amen