Day 30

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3 years ago

Jesus make me know you more, love you more, trust you more. God bless Bruce, his Ministeries and the whole world.

3 years ago

I am so enriched daily by watching your podcast. Today I ask God to help know Him more than I know about HIm. To help me have an encounter with Him and love Him more and more. Thank you so much Bruce. May God bless you and your ministry

3 years ago

Jesus, help us, guide us to live our lives in real encounter with you. Help us to learn from the women and men of the Gospels, and those of our own lives, who inspire us. May we respond, as you call us by name.

3 years ago

Jesus, thank you for that particular encounter and thank you for one consequence of that being that I know, like I know, like I know that I can trust if you take me to it, you will take me through it. I believe in You, I trust in You and I rely on You. Bless all of us in these trying times, increase our faith and trust in You and care for each of us as Your plan unfolds.

Valerie Simms.
3 years ago

Lord Jesus I ask that I know you more that I may know You are with me in every situation, wherever I go. I ask that You be in control of my thoughts that I may think like You,feel like You, act like You. That I be filled with You. Help Lord God to know Your Truth so that I live in Your Truth and not be deceived into thinking feeling or acting in ways that are not Your will. Help me banish Lord God these deceptions that ultimately come from the great deceptor himself! I ask this Loving Father… Read more »

3 years ago

Jesus, help me to know you more … Here I am Lord.

Rev. John McDaniel
3 years ago

One word, AWESOME!

deirdre frain
3 years ago

yes to all you have said today. I too have asked the question of those more qualified. Do they have a heart for Jesus??

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  deirdre frain
3 years ago


I am asking God to come into my life like a consuming fire and take over my heart, life, etc. While I know about Hime, I also know Him. However, I long to know more of Him.