Day 35

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3 years ago

Thanks Bruce

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce. Daily you give me an insight that is new and much needed in my life.
Yes how true. I must not be conformed by what others think of me but what God has created me to be. May His will be done in my life.

3 years ago

Beautiful message thanks.

3 years ago

Powerful message. Just what we need at this time. Jesus was also criticized for His words. Keep up the Good News Bruce.

3 years ago

Loved your helper today, Bruce. Lovely.

I’m not on social media. If comments are negative towards you, just leave them there. Let’s pray for the mental health of people who attack you.

You bring a practical message which shows that you walk with Jesus and so can we! Is there anything better?

Sunday’s songs, singers and program were superb. Thanks to all.

Valerie Simms.
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce it really is very relevant to me your message today. Lord God I am sorry for listening to those voices in the world that have tempted me to conform to the world- those of the past that still affect me now. Please Lord show me areas that I am not fully aware that I continue to conform, so that I may be transformed. I ask that you reveal to me areas where I have been hurt that have been suppressed and come to the fore unexpectedly in anger. Please heal me of the hurt, and grant me… Read more »

3 years ago

Thanks Bruce.

3 years ago

II need prayer for my family that does not believe and forgiveness for saying things, complaining and being negative! Also prayers for retired pastor”s family who died.

3 years ago

God bless you Bruce..thank you
Your talks are truly Holy Spirit inspired

Thomas Snyder
3 years ago

Thank you your teaching ave been a true blessing. These teachings have made this the best Lent ever. May God Bless you and stay safe. Thomas M. Snyder

3 years ago

Thank you!

3 years ago

I loved seeing your little granddaughter. She is so cute. Thanks for your daily messages.

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Brenda
3 years ago


Thank you for another wonderful sermon. Also thank you for sharing your granddaughter she is pretty and has beautiful eyes.

3 years ago

Hello Audrey…you look very pretty.
God tells us….don’t let me be prevented from being the person you want me to be.

3 years ago

Hi Bruce, I’ve. received your Lent video everyday but only until Day 35. Your videos and sharing have inspired me a lot. I wonder if you or your team could send me those on Day 36 and after. I would appreciate it very much. Thank you very much, Bruce and Rosemary and your team! God bless. Alice
PS: how shall I pass my Email address to you as I don’t want to send it here due to security? Please advise. Thank you very much!