Day 36

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Rev. John McDaniel
3 years ago

Listen, learn, live, great word brother. Holy Spirit helps us to listen, learn and live. Blessings.

3 years ago

Thank you, Bruce! Three basics – it all begins with listening . . . .

Rowena may Sullano “ wee”
3 years ago

Thank you

Rowena may Sullano “ wee”
3 years ago

Thank you for the wisdom

3 years ago

Thanks Bruce, your daily reflections have been an integral part of my Lenten journey this year. Thought provoking and offering wonderful insight and advice for direction. I met you in TAMWORTH last year at the retreat. Thankyou for your fantastic work.

3 years ago

Love the three Ls for Lent – thank you once again Bruce.

Valerie Simms.
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for another confirmation that God leads us through our conscience. I am very grateful for the wisdom and helpful advice I have received during this Lenten program of yours Bruce. I must mention the encouragement and support I’ve felt has been very important to me during this difficult time we are experiencing all around the world and at home due to COVID 19 virus. Today’s message yet again very timely and I will definitely be following the 3 L’s concerning which direction the Lord is leading me to go, rather than my own leadings. I continue to… Read more »

Randall v Dufrene
3 years ago

Yes indeed amen

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Randall v Dufrene
3 years ago


Today’s message on listening, learning, and living is one that perhaps could be easy to start since most of the world is shut down and so many of us have to stay inside.

3 years ago

Listening, learning, living.. thank you Bruce, you and your wisdom have been an amazing part of my Lenten journey, a blessing.

3 years ago

Triple L
Listen, Learn & Live it.
Scriptures ?
Seek wisdom

Thank you Lord.

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce.God bless

Sharron Dixon
3 years ago

You asked for a piece of scripture known off by heart and mine has been for 20 years is 1Peter 5 vs 6 and 7. Humble yourself then under Gods mighty hand, and he will lift you up in his own time. Cast all your worries on him because he cares for you.