Day 39

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Albina Contessa
7 months ago

What a wonderful journey weve experienced through Lent. Every day so encouraging. Thank you Bruce.

7 months ago

Thank you Bruce. This journey has been so meaningful. God keeps you and all the team safe.

7 months ago

What a true, practical message!! You not only touch our intellect but also talk to our hearts. A very rare gift, Bruce. Thanks for your generosity in sharing with us. I’m happy today knowing God loves me.

katalin denney
7 months ago

May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you in your faith ministry – your Lenten messages have been very poignant and on occasions very powerful! Your clear presentation and the “breaking open” of scripture readings is relatable to any Catholic Christian regardless of the stage of their individual faith journey. I congratulate you and your team for the beautifully balanced format you have devised for your Sunday Prayer teaching combining the teaching with the beautiful choice of music – modern yet still with a strong element of tradition and reverence. I very much look forward to joining your broadcast for… Read more »

7 months ago

Thank you, Bruce, for drawing us through Lent into the welcoming, forgiving, merciful, loving arms of God..
Knowing who we are, God, we are overwhelmed by who You are for us . . .

Clare Bergamin
7 months ago

Thank you Bruce and all your team.

Reply to  Clare Bergamin
7 months ago

So inspirational in these worrying times God Bless & thank you Bruce Rosemary & Team🙏

7 months ago

PSALMS 51 is a perfect follow yo Psalms 139:23 -24. After searching this Lenten Season for anything displeasing in me before the the Lord, I can run boldly into the presence of God, in His mercy and be loved and accepted by Him trough the gift of salvation provided by Christ Jesus! This is too wonderful for words!

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  Vicki
7 months ago


Many heart-filled thanks to you, Rosemary and your staff for being faithful in our journey of Lent. I have learned so much.