Day 5 - First Sunday of Lent

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3 years ago

Thanks Bruce, so true – sometimes these idols are hard to see as they become part of our established life practice, our habits. I know it is with me. May God open our eyes, may we truly see in Jesus radiant light.

3 years ago

God bless you Bruce! Thank you so for these inspiring Lenten videos. I am receiving so much from them. I don’t think I’ve experienced Lent in such a profound way as I am now through the wisdom, thought -provoking inspirations of your teaching. I have yearned for a closer relationship with God and now I finally feel that I am getting there. Never has lent been such a joy.
Thank you!

Reply to  Natalia
3 years ago

Thank You Bruce for the Lenten program, Its very true to put God first in our lives because that the way to thank him for his goodness, for our health, work and to spread the word of God wherever we are. Lent is a time of reflection,fasting and almsgiving. This lent i would like to pray for the grace to grow closer to Jesus, the Holy one.
Thank you

Francis Deary
3 years ago

Hi Bruce, thanks, you are so right about these idols. I used to collect books, mostly reference books and my excuse for reading them was that they are educational but I would spend time with those books that would have been better spent with God. I have over the last few years been finding good homes for these books but must admit that my passion for books has not reduced at all. However, I now collect religious books, about 140 in total at the moment and the benefit of this change is enormous. As well as being less reluctant to… Read more »

3 years ago

May we respond, O God, to your invitations to us, to be the person you desire us to be!

3 years ago

Thank you God. Make me a better person.

3 years ago

Am I the person God has asked me to be? Do I do the things God wants me to ? Some deep thinking to be done.,,Thank you..

Gabriel Lam
3 years ago

Thanks for reminding me those idols that I have so often been unaware of

3 years ago

GOD must be First.

Cecilia DRIES
3 years ago

I am sorry but I found your opinion hard to agree with. In my opinion our Spouses and Children are Gods gift to us and therefore there is no competition between God and them.
As a married person my vocation is to my partner and as a Parent to my Children and God walks with me daily in this vocation. Everything in our life is with Gods Blessing and guidance.