Day 8

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11 months ago

Lots to think about. I was able to get the video working for me. Great message!

Sandi Francis
11 months ago

Great message. Alot to reflect on that I hadn’t really been mindful of. Thank you.

Gabrielle Kwan Tat
11 months ago

I made it my prayer each day , thank you

Raymond Russo
11 months ago

Hi Bruce
Loved this talk…We all need to be more humble and be aware if we’re not in that zone

Francis Deary
11 months ago

Lord help me to know who I am so that I might do your will to the fullest of my abilities. Amen

11 months ago

Everyday I learn more about what I should be. Thank you .

11 months ago

St Francis de Sales taught me that we can all be holy.. Ihope this Lent I can achieve holiness