Day 9

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3 years ago

I start my day every morning listening to you Bruce. You are changing my life for the better. Thank you for bringing me closer to God.

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Pippa
3 years ago

Hi Pippa Thanks for your message. I am away for a few days praying, reading and reflecting on where the Lord might lead us during this time of Lent through the videos. I don’t record all the videos at once but progressively so that we can be led by God through the 47 days of Lent and Holy Week. I woke very early this morning and started reading the book of Galatians and reflecting on the love of God and that it is not by our effort that we are saved but by God alone and He does for us.… Read more »

3 years ago

Many Thanks Bruce. Just love my early morning listening and reflecting on God’s word and love for us. How blessed we are. Amazing God.

3 years ago

Bruce, your words Brilliance of Lent to – reset Jesus as Lord, the Centre of my life . . . speak deeply this morning. May you know blessings!

Leonie Cornell
3 years ago

This is a great Lent for me. With your daily messages along with the weekly service, I can see myself growing very slowly as I am challenged by reflecting on what I am doing and how I am talking and listening to your gentle urges on us.
Lord, show me the way. And Thank you for giving us Bruce as your messenger and mentor.

3 years ago

Jesus, the centre of my life..thank you for opening up theGospel about the Temptations of the devil.

John McCabe
3 years ago

Thank you, Bruce you have shown me the way to ask God how he wants to
lead me. to share His love with each other.

3 years ago

Don’t test GOD.

Sandi Francis
3 years ago

The journey I am on felt to difficult to bear until your message from God gave me the strength to carry on. Gods blessings be with you, your family and your staff. With God as my center my path is more clear and less fearful. Thank you for your words of inspiration…they are very much needed.

3 years ago

Amen! Thank you Bruce for your message, bringing insight to focus on this Lent.