15 March - How to Let God Lift Your Burden

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Enriqueta D. Ahumada
29 days ago

Thank you for the opportunity to learn more,God bless me with this teaching. I thank you from my heart. I learn mor by hearing your words than reading,please let me know if is any audios I can download on my computer to stady. Thank you again. God bless you.

Patricia Giammarco
29 days ago

Thank you Bruce This is one of my failures. I hope to log on to your Wednesday night session . Thank you

Valerie Simms
29 days ago

Thank you Bruce for sharing this important topic with us today: What to say and do if you know you need to forgive but can’t. Thank you for this very practical and spiritual message. Thank you for sharing and empathising with us too! Thank you for also explaining what forgiveness doesn’t mean.I guess I’ll be doing quite a bit of reflecting, praying to God openly from my heart and asking for His grace to help me, in forgiving. Thank You Lord for this important message! God bless you Bruce and I’ll be seeing you tomorrow! Bye for now.

28 days ago

So blest by this 🙏🏻💙

28 days ago

Thank you so much Bruce, for this important message that I personally, really needed to hear! I want to forgive! I need to forgive! And I will ask God for his help! I will be watching Wednesday!!
Thank you for all you & your team do!!

Theresa Stumpo
28 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your videos every day, they are very inspiring and it gives me the opportunity to watch them over again. During this pandemic going to church has been impossible but you have helped me to spend more time with God…

28 days ago

Thankyou Bruce for everyday video God Bless you .

28 days ago

Thank you! My granddaughter has been hurt by someone. He has been unfaithful. She is angry. And not forgiving. She is acting out because of this. I pray for her daily. “God, please be with my granddaughter and keep her safe until she can forgive him. Amen.”.

28 days ago

The hardest challenge for me is to forgive myself for the things I have done!

Jones Ruth
28 days ago

Thank you for another inspirational journey called Lent. I try to do something different every lent. I didn’t know what extra I could do, and GOD sent me YOU. Thank you!!!

28 days ago

You have opened my eyes, ears, heart, mind to understanding forgiveness. I always thought that you had to go back to how it was before the hurt. Otherwise the hurt wasn’t really forgiven. Thank you. It’s pretty empowering. Makes me realise, even more, how huge is God’s love.

28 days ago

Does this forgiveness process include forgiving oneself?

Maxine Koehler
28 days ago

I am really enjoying and appreciating this daily visits/discussions and learning so much

Maxine Koehler
28 days ago

Thank you I am really appreciating more about understanding the Bible and prayer

28 days ago

Thankyou, Bruce, for reminding us that God loves us.

Diana Sonnier
28 days ago

Pray for my son.his name is Troy he has just been thorough a divorce.which he didn’t want.his wife file for the divorce.and there is two children involved.he Loves his children.so times she don’t let him see them
And take care of them
Please pray for him.

Mary Kulak
28 days ago

Thankyou and God Bless You

27 days ago

Wonderful message

24 days ago

Thank you so much for sharing this lenten journey. I have learned so much about getting closer to God and having a personal relationship with Him. I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be, and I know where God wants me to be.

24 days ago

Thank you for this lesson.
I feel helped and humbled.

Thank you.