18 March - He Knows Our Secrets

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10 months ago

Thanks Bruce, another great session.

Chiarina M Blake
10 months ago

Hi Bruce. Your story is my story about the eye and detached retina. One year on, and i still can’t do all the things I use to do. I hope your recovery was complete.

Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  Chiarina M Blake
10 months ago

Praying for your full recovery Chiarina, I pray for your strength and courage as you cope with your health and vision challenges.Amen.

Valerie Simms
10 months ago

Thank you Bruce for this special message concerning how the Lord knows all we are going through and is always there if we need His help. Thank You Lord that we can always come to you and open our hearts to you, without fear of retribution! Thank you Bruce for offering to pray with us for help from the Lord. For your support! I have taken up your offer and appreciate very much you praying with me Bruce! God bless you and all who work so hard in this ministry that is God sent! See you tomorrow Bruce!

Christina O Hare
10 months ago

Have really enjoyed the sessions over Lent.our church is locked down due to covid
Christina Mc Dermott O Hare
Co Down, Ireland

Richard H Kemper
10 months ago

Thank you. Great lesson for us all today. Yesterday’s Temptation lesson has stayed with me. Again thank you.

10 months ago

A comforting thought and reminder that God listens to us and so helps with His love

Sharon Biggs
10 months ago

Thank you Bruce. You have made lent for me this year, more meaningful.

10 months ago

Thank you Mr. Downes for explaining How God leads us out of Temptation and also for the Healing prayer. God bless you.

Yavitrie Adhar
10 months ago

Thank you so very much for your daily inspirational teachings. I pray for your full recovery and may God continue to bless and keep you healthy.

10 months ago

Thank you for your prayers and lectures. God Bless

Vicki Gibbs
9 months ago

Thank you Bruce, Rosemary,Downes family and team for richly blessing and Spiritually feeding us with more than we could even think of. I just clicked on the extras tab – and it feels like Christmas!! So much!!

9 months ago

Prayer for my health problems.

9 months ago

Another great session. Thanks Bruce.

Isabel Jimenez
9 months ago

Amen Thank you

Jones Ruth
9 months ago

Thank you Bruce for another great day during Lent. I pray that you have complete healing in both of your eyes.

9 months ago

Bruce, your detached retina had to cause great anxiety within you. I have glaucoma, and it’s humbly. Like you said today ”Cast all your anxiety on Him”. I have done that and it’s helpful. Thank you!

John Rethwisch
9 months ago

Thank you Bruce, this is so relatable to where I am at in my life right now. I get comfort and reassurance from these sessions. My life is winding down, I pray that the Lord takes me into his Kingdom for I am nothing but dust without him.

Diana Sonnier
9 months ago

Amen Thanks Be To God

Carla Villafana
9 months ago

So comforting to know that He knows where we are and what we feel. He is there for us always. Thank you for this message.

9 months ago

Here has been my “eye” journey:   At 28 years old I lost the center vision in my left eye in 3 days. I did not fit any of the criteria for someone my age having acute dry macular degeneration. [I am now nearing 67 years old.]   I was told it would eventually happen in my right eye, but no way to know when, go home, don’t worry. HA!! My spiritual life and faith was weak at the time. So I worried. A LOT!   As I grew in faith, I quit worrying about my vision. Oh, I’d have… Read more »

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Cathy
9 months ago

Hello Cathy Thank you for sharing your story. I have seen and heard many stories of God’s miracle power over the years. It has helped me to believe more and to encourage people to pray boldly that God can and does work in our lives. It also has helped me to trust Him when my prayers are not answered. In the book of Romans in the Bible (Romans 10:17) it says that, ‘faith comes from hearing.’ Thank you for building my faith by telling me your miracle story. May the our Lord Jesus Christ bless you further and more deeply… Read more »

9 months ago

Thankyou very nice

9 months ago

Thank you for allowing me to join in your ministry . I so
needed to hear the message of starting over again . Thank you God and thank-you Bruce

Lillian Da Silva
9 months ago

Please who do l make a cheque to as l would like to make a small donation thank you.

Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  Lillian Da Silva
9 months ago

Hi Lilian, it looks like you may have accidentally unsubscribed so you will get an email asking you to confirm that you want to change your preferences. When you click in the email, you will continue getting the Daily Devotional video emails. You can send your donation to:

United States
Bruce Downes Ministries Inc.
PO Box 55750
Phoenix AZ 85078
The Catholic Guy Ministry Ltd.
PO Box 1564
Osborne Park WA 6916

Thank you and may God bless you in this holy season.

Sandra Purcell
Bruce Downes Ministry Team