4 March - How to Align Your Will to God’s Will

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11 hours ago

Really hit home tonights message

8 hours ago

Thankyou for this beautiful presentation

Robyn Gray
7 hours ago

Thank you for all these great messages each day … right where I want to be each morning.
A truly meaningful Lenten journey.

Gary Robertson
Reply to  Robyn Gray
6 hours ago

Thankyou lord jesus it has to be your will and not mine its finally sinking in and makes your praying and fasting much easier in your actions.
Thankyou Bruce for you inspirational messages LOVE and God Bless you Gary

6 hours ago

What do people understand about religion and how do we explain what it means for ourselves. Religion for some is nothing more than a gathering for prayer to their God : they cannot visualise their God. As we Catholic’s look forward to Holy Week and reflect what it entails we do so positively because for us Christ is a breath of fresh air ; God for us is found in Jesus… Jesus is therefore more appealing than religion . Jesus isn’t a million miles away he is here and now with us . Thank you Bruce for this experience it… Read more »

Rosemary O,Hare
5 hours ago

Very beautiful message explained clearly we need the grace to commit amen 🙏

Maureen Emslie
5 hours ago

Dear Bruce
The talks of 3.3.2021 & 4.3.2021 on Gods Will have JUST been AMAZING!!! This is EXACTLY where I am in my journey! I have recognised that I’ve been pretty busy doing MY WILL for such a long time… I’m abdicating from God’s job and WANT & DESIRE to DO HIS WILL! LOVE the talks!!! Hitting the mark Bruce!!!
I pray for your ministry every day. God Bless you ALL! The workers in Gods vineyard! Maureen ❤️🌹

Rae. Please forward me your prayer to St Joseph
Reply to  Maureen Emslie
4 hours ago

Beautifully said and explained.

Rae. Please forward me your prayer to St Joseph
4 hours ago

Today’s comments of Gods Will were very inspiring, and most certainly made me think differently. Many thanks, Gods Blessings for you to keep up your good work

Magdalena Cockfield
3 hours ago

I really want to listen and watch your program however due to my work I can watched only after work

3 hours ago

Thank you! I find the eternal, inner struggle exhausting.

Francis Deary
1 hour ago

Hallowed be Thy name,
not mine,
Thy kingdom Come,
not mine,
Thy will be done,
not mine,
Give us peace with Thee
Peace with men
Peace with ourselves,
And free us from all fear.

by Dag Hammarskjold