9 March - Experiencing God's Power

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Ezmerelda Mary Bernadette El-bayeh
10 months ago

God bless you , thank you for sharing the word and Love of God. The Holy Spirit is working thru you.

dorothy anne nicholls
Reply to  Ezmerelda Mary Bernadette El-bayeh
10 months ago


Catherine Sullivan
10 months ago

Jesus you are so beautiful, and I love you so much, please speak to my loved ones in my family , my 2xhusband and my 2 sons who need you in their life

10 months ago

Thanks Bruce and Team for these inspiring messages of Gods love and generosity to each of us ,and suggestions of how we can be closer to God in our every day lives.
God bless you and the team for the work you do .

Linda O'Rourke
10 months ago

I am an SRE teacher in a public school in my area. I worry about these children as their families do not practice their faith but want their children taught. Please pray that my love of God will shine through and that my teaching will help these children so that they will want to know God and understand the power of God his love.

Mary Schulberg
Reply to  Linda O'Rourke
10 months ago

Linda I will pray with you for the children you teach and for their families..I surrender all to Jesus and I ask Him to take care of everything.

10 months ago

Thank you for sharing the word of God. And bringing us closer to our Lord. Keeping us in faith and not loosing focus. Amen ????

10 months ago


Thank you yet again for another moving talk, that reaches out and touches my soul with God’s wonderful hand of Mercy and Love.


Denise Knowles
10 months ago

Dear Bruce : you touched my heart I was hoping to send 500, we had a bit of a set up
Tomorrow I will be sending a check for
$ 200.00 Canadian dollars, when the Lord puts it on my heart and see we have the means I will send you more……Bless you Bruce.

10 months ago

Thank you, Bruce. Just like your mentor, your words make so much sense to me and the Holy Spirit has continued his work through you.

Mildred Harris
10 months ago

I am being blessed and enriched by each message I hear.

10 months ago

Good message Bruce.Thankyou.

10 months ago

Thank you Bruce for making this Lenten time special.

10 months ago

Thank you for your inspiring messages which touch our everyday life .

10 months ago

Thanks for sharing your wisdom

Lillian Colaco
10 months ago

God bless you and your family Bruce for sharing the Word of God.Todays, session was truly inspiring as it was so down to earth … what we are going through or have gone through and has had an impacton us..

thanks so much God Bless

please keep me in prayer…

10 months ago

Today’s message was exactly what I needed me to hear… exactly what God needed to remind me. I’m so grateful for Bruce and his ministry and for this beautiful Lenten retreat. I pray for the continued success of Bruce’s ministry, his team and the ways it blesses so many around the world. ????????????

N. Connor
10 months ago

God bless you and thank you for your inspirational talks.
Because of a hearing impediment I must listen as well use close captioning and I wondered if you are aware that each time the word God is written it is done so without a capital G. I find this disturbing and wondered if this can be fixed or is it a technical issue you have no control over.

Susan Young
10 months ago

I need prayer for my Grandson and his fiancee , they want to get married but his fiancee’s
Mother is still overseas since last February last year. His fiancee of course wants her mother to come to their wedding. Every time she books to come home it gets cancelled so we need God to intervene

Barbara Mclachlan
10 months ago

Hi Bruce and team, I’m afraid I’ve got a it behind with watching and keeping notes. Having had a few falls recently my little finger and ring finger making it painful to write. (I’m left handed)

Im also learning to play my piano keyboard with both hands. I started last September with Simply Piano APP. So prayers please for healing to my fingers.

Susan A Cutshall
10 months ago

Thank you Gid for Bruce Downes, I am experiencing a inspirational Lent. Bless him and staff and the mission.

Barbara Mclachlan
10 months ago

My favourite prayer is that of Saint Francis of Assisi. Make Me A Channel of Your Peace. I pray it everyday for myself and my Christian Brothers and Sisters in Pakistan. I support Aid to The Church in Need who sent the prayer card a number of years ago, with the request to pray for the above. Another daily prayer is to St Michael the Archangel for the protection of all Christians facing danger at this time.

10 months ago

Thank you for your prayers. They are healing. Amen

Lalo Rodriquez
10 months ago

May God bless you always Bruce. Thanks for your wonderful program.????❤️????

Garry kaulbach
10 months ago

When Saint John Paul passed our priest was out of town, the laypersons organized a prayer service in memorial. I found a prayer for the church’s guidance to elect a new Pope. It is the bases for this prayer I say everyday for the church and Christ’s children. ”Good Shepard who founded your church on the rock of Peter’s faith and never let your flock untended look with love upon us now and sustain your church in faith, hope, and charity. Grant Lord Jesus in your boundless love for us that Pope Francis, your bishops and your priests will please… Read more »

Daryl Tumbach
10 months ago

Thank you!

10 months ago

Thank you for today’s message

Johnnie Vollrath
10 months ago

God Bless you and your work. really enjoying your lent series. Thank you.

Randi Hartwell
10 months ago

Several weeks ago I had posted a Prayer Request … ‘On the Wall’ for my son’s friend in Great Britain who has MS and was hospitalized with Covid and in ICU on a Respirator. 2 days after the Prayer he was weaned to Oxygen in Nasal Prongs and was discharged home last weekend on home Oxygen. He is weak but slowly feeling better…I want to thank all the ‘Prayer Warrior’s’ for this ‘answer to prayer’ ????

Joanne GB
Reply to  Randi Hartwell
10 months ago

Praise be to God for the prayers answered ????????
I will continue to pray for your son’s friend ????

10 months ago


Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  BARBARA
10 months ago

Hi Barbara, thank you, our mailing address is:
Bruce Downes Ministries Inc.
PO Box 55750
Phoenix AZ 85078

10 months ago

Please pray for my adult children that they will be restored to faith and to God.
I believe, please help my unbeleaf.
PS. Pray for our safety, health, and success in our move across the country.

10 months ago

Eyes to see the best in people A heart that that Forgives the worst A mind that forgets the bad. and soul that loses faith in God

10 months ago

God grant me the serenity to stop beating myself for not doing thing perfectly.becauseI am working on doing betterand the wisdomto knowthat you love me just the way I am

10 months ago

Thank you for bringing this Lenten season better for me because you explain everything to me and I understand it much more and better.
Thank you.

10 months ago

Part of “Prayer to Padre Pio for family”Please add it as you asked on the 8th..

O Lord, I come to you today to pray for the salvation of my family. Lord, may my family know You. I pray that they will learn to crave You just as I do.

I pray that they will learn to stand strong in the face of trials and tribulations in life.

Tracy Mans
10 months ago

Heavenly Father up above, please protect my family and friends whom I love. Please keep them safe and keep them sound, no matter when or where they are bound. Please help them to know and help them to see that I love them and please help them to love me. Keep us now and keep us forever, happy, loving and so long as it be your will, Lord Jesus, please always together.

10 months ago

Thank you so much for all you do. Through this series of videos I am learning to forgive the past and move closer to God.

10 months ago

This is a prayer I have shared with my pastoral care residents in Age Care…


Deirdre Kushner
10 months ago

I just want to say a simple “thank you”

Helen Fenske
10 months ago

Please pray for me because I am struggling with my Mental illness right now.

Erica Suarez
10 months ago

Hi my name is Erica and I have a good friend Kelly who has a best friend and she has been diagnosed with stage four cancer she has been given six months to live if everyone could please pray for her her name is Jeanie . We need a miracle ????????

10 months ago

May god bless you . We need prayer for our grandkids. No friends, no relationship with school friends

Jean Merron
10 months ago

You said a priest helped you with your faith I was a prostant before becoming a Catholic at 18yr when I was 7 Yr I used to run home from school to watch and listen to Billy Graham what a man of God a true deciple I hung onto his every word just like you did with the priest he helped my with my faith years later I became a Catholic but still listened to Billy Graham you remind me of him in your preaching

10 months ago

Thank You

Loretta allen
10 months ago

Dear Bruce, your messages have been so inspiring. I’ve been forwarding them to a group of friends who have been so grateful for your messages everyday. Please pray for our cousin Camilla allen who is going through intense radiation for a diagnosis the doctors have given up on. I believe she is being healed and I thank god for her everyday. Please also keep my family in prayer for we are separated now after 23 years of marriage. Years of conitues emotional abuse has left me strained from this relationship and not sure how anything more could work to change… Read more »

Isabella Ramirra
10 months ago

Thank you for today’s talk. Your talk took me back to the time of my parents passing. I sat down and thought about the past, and how the past has affected me and my brother. My brother and I are slowly releasing the past, but at times we go back to the past in thought and action, which surprises as both! The past makes us who we are, but it does not need to dominate our thoughts and actions. Thank you for a thought provoking talk.

Reply to  Isabella Ramirra
9 months ago

God bless your talks Bruce really great