What Does God Want From You This Lent

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Mary Y. Bimrose
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce…your message is my best decision for2022. God bless you

1 year ago

Thank you, Bruce.

Josephine Hetherton
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce 🙏 through listening to you – makes me understand what I knew and didn’t act on and also what I need to do to be closer to God 🙏

1 year ago

With that accent how can I not listen to what you have to preach? Thank you very much for the reminders of listening within to our inner voice..

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Stephanie
1 year ago

Hi Stephanie I don’t have an accent do I? Doesn’t everyone sound like this?? 😊 I had an English mother but lived in Australia as a boy watching a lot of US television growing up before being in the US for years. I am a mix of it all. When I first started on television in the US people use to write and say don’t lose your accent. I was in a restaurant once in Washington DC and a man at another table asked if I would come to his table and when I got there he asked if I… Read more »

Reply to  Bruce Downes
1 year ago

I am from Michigan.. Born and raised in the Mitten.. Its a nice, chilly morning.. looking forward to the spring weather that will be coming soon.
I have my GPS AND MY SIRI set to a voice that sounds just like yours.. It’s very easy to listen to

1 year ago

With God’s grace I will be a better Christian. I know that Jesus is always with me and has mercy on me!!

1 year ago

Thanks for being exactly who God called you to be….a Godly man with a heart for Him and others!!! Sounds much like Jesus to me🤗. Grace, grace, and more grace 👍 Jesus is everything He said He was.. and still is! And He’s coming back! Time for us to clean up our act😉, cause ya just never know when He will arrive🎉. Thanks again Bruce and Rosemary and team for thought provoking messages that turn our hearts to Him!!! Best Lent ever!!!

William Callaghan
1 year ago

Thanks very much for this message Bruce, God bless your ministry

Marjorie Jobb
1 year ago

Thank you for the beautiful morning message about God in the time of Lent .

Kathy G
1 year ago

Thank you for giving me hope
and reminding me to keep pushing
forward… God Bless

1 year ago

Thank You Bruce & God Bless 🙏.

Imelda Racine
1 year ago

Ty for bringing the WORD OF GOD to the World.

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce. Your message ha truly made a difference in my life.

Kathy O’Connor
1 year ago

Thank you Pastor Bruce for your message. The word of God is so powerful and you delivery it in such a smooth and simple way. I appreciate that. God BLess you and your family.
Thank you for ministering to all of us.

Grace hope
1 year ago

Another blessing video,thanks

Gus Kieley
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for all your insight.

1 year ago

Thank you for these transforming daily devotions. God continue to bless you and your ministry. Your team ROCKS🤗❤️🙏🏻