Having a Clean Heart - 28th February

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7 months ago

Your Daily Devotional was very powerful today I felt your words were directed to reach my heart. Thank you Bruce

7 months ago

Can I please ask – what bible do you use or recommend? Thank you for all that you do

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Tania
7 months ago

Hi Tania
The simple answer is as follows: I use the New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition which has the extra books. The NRSV which does not have the extra book is used by Protestants.

The translation of the words are the same in both.

The more complicated answer is understanding what the extra books are and why there a difference but that is a longer answer.

Hope this helps.

God bless


Reply to  Scott (ADMIN)
7 months ago

Wow – coming face to face with WHO I really am. Not sure I really like that person but that person is me. God loves me in spite of myself so that is a good start. What a journey reconciling all of me.

Federico Montes
7 months ago

Thank you for helping me on my Lenten Journey. I want it to really mean something to me this year. God bless.

Shirley Ann
7 months ago

I really like todays lesson Create in me a clean heart O God to me it says let go and let God

7 months ago

I’m praying that God will give me a clean heart! Thank you Bruce for reminding me that God has the answers

7 months ago

Very enlightening, I have heard the words before but now have more meaning to them. Surrender is how this can be accomplished. We spend a large portion of our lives being told we must succeed and accomplish, sometimes hiding what and who we were really created to be. It is in the silence that we are able to be in touch with God.

Ursel Mihelcic
7 months ago

Thank you Bruce and Ministries

7 months ago

First timer here and really enjoying your reflections. I find them both thought provoking and challenging, while also reassuring. I’m glad you circled back at the end…it almost sounded like you were suggesting that there was no personal responsibility to try, and that God would do everything. I firmly believe we do need to keep trying, but, as you say, without God, we cannot do it alone, and being able to surrender to God to help turns the impossible into the possible. A sermon I was lucky enough to listen to once said (paraphrasing!) “God makes us who we are.… Read more »