He Transforms Us - 2nd March

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Reply to  Scott (ADMIN)
7 months ago

Even the thought of seeing myself as God sees me is a paradigm shift that is mind blowing to me. Honestly, I am just now wrapping my brain around the fact that God loves me just as I am and yet has so much more for me. Awesome journey this Lent season!

7 months ago

It’s so so true how we keep punishing ourselves after we have been forgiven .. the fact the we are loved unconditionally is hard to grasp .. maybe because we are not capable of living unconditionally ourselves?

7 months ago

When are you going to begin to explain what you mean when you say “God is with you exactly in the place where you are”. Is God with the suffering in war zones, the people buried under collapsed buildings in Turkey, the starving around the World? I could go on but there is too much to mention. Regards, Maria

Peter Eldridge
7 months ago

Hi I am a newbie to god so much about the bible I want to get closer I alway thought god would not want me I have don’t a lot of things I am ashamed off I want to walk closer to god I am 63 depression has been my devil I have trouble forgiving me I am in Australia

Ursel Mihelcic
7 months ago

Thank you Bruce you give so much,love to listen to you thanks

7 months ago

Please pray that my granddaughter can fine a house to rent she going to be a single mum and she need help

Dennis Joseph Hoiberg
7 months ago

wow – good one Bruce

7 months ago

Love sharing Lent with you! Each day brings me closer to God

7 months ago

Please pray for my husband, Stanton Baumann, who left us yesterday, 3/1, due to COVID pneumonia. He was only 73. Please pray for healing for our family and eapecially our 4 year old grandson, Asher, who was so close to his “Opa”

Susan LeBlanc-Floran
Reply to  Sarah
7 months ago

So sorry for your loss.

7 months ago

Bruce please pray for my son Michael and his family who have turned their on God. Pray that the Holy Spirit comes into their hearts. God bless.

7 months ago

Please pray for a conversion of my grandchildrens hearts minds and spirit to God

7 months ago


7 months ago

Please pray for my oldest daughter who has lost her faith in God. My youngest, single daughter whose disabled son died one year ago this month. Thank you and God bless you.

Victoria Simmerman
7 months ago

Please pray for me
I had recently had cancer of my nose and had to have surgery to remove the left side of my nostril now it has returned and I have to have surgery on the top of my nose
Please pray that it goes well and pray for my doctor preforming the surgery
I thank you

Theresa Mac Lean
7 months ago

Excellent message.
Thank you

Catherine Allerton
7 months ago

Please pray for me to be healed of sadness and depression

Barry Tennihan
7 months ago

Amazing to think that it is easier for God to forgive us than it is for us to forgive ourselves

7 months ago

I love being in this group. I believe in miracles and in prayer. Please pray for my daughter and her husband, they want to have a baby so bad. They are two of the sweetest people and would be amazing parents! Thank you!

Last edited 7 months ago by Jackie
6 months ago

Praying that my sister Laurie will receive complete healing.
And my mother can be relieved of her back pain.

6 months ago

Wow God loves me still. I need prayers ..i want my ex back so much. I’ve forgiven him and myself. Even after all the hurt, and suffering his put me through…even if his with the woman next door… i had to leave as i couldn’t heal living together…perhaps now biggest mistake but i did what i thought was right. I saw him today his mother turned the other way but he spoke. I went to chapel pleading to Jesus, i know its Gods plan and will but struggling please pray for my husband and me and his mother im desperate… Read more »

Ruth Bentley
6 months ago

The message of forgiveness is beautiful, even though I cannot see the total self forgiveness when we go again to the same sin.

6 months ago

Thank you Bruce for this beautiful journey.
Bruce pray that the Lord transforms my heart to the way he sees me and not the way I see myself. I also ask that God transforms my sons heart to see who he is as God sees him to help him in his journey of life he’s having difficult challenges that God help him to do gods well and not his well you are right we have a plan and agenda but God has his own agenda and let it be God’s agenda not ours amen. God bless all of you

Reply to  Fernanda
6 months ago

Dear Fernanda, If you read God’s Word- His Truth about what He thinks of us in scripture and every time you feel unworthy read them- it will help you see how God sees you. Some scriptures- Isaiah 43:4 I am precious and honoured in His sight and He loves me. 1John 3:1 See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called Children of God, and so we are. WOW Ephes 2:10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ jesus for good works…. Romans 5:8 But God shows his love for us in… Read more »