God Your Will Be Done - 8th March

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Reply to  Scott (ADMIN)
24 days ago

The women that asked you to pray for them to fall pregnant, impacts me as God hears everything but doesn’t or can’t deliver to all . Challenging for me as i am very broken and in need of healing. After my marriage separation has really affected me. I’ve forgiven him but still love and want him back after all the hurt, betrayal and mental abuse and really want God to help me. Put in practice i will just keep my devotion and prayers and share in our parish group i attend weekly 🙏 and hope God hears me, and trust… Read more »

Reply to  Scott (ADMIN)
24 days ago

My husband’s brother is in a coma after being hit by a car. We have many prayer teams praying for his recovery, including yours. I am very grateful that so many are praying for him. However, I understand that the answer may not be what I want. I try to look at the bigger picture, and try to see what would be best for us all. Of course, I can’t know everything. I am trying to trust in God.
Dear God, I believe. Help my disbelief.

Ursel Mihelcic
24 days ago


24 days ago

A prayer of thanksgiving for prayers for our daughter, Angela, and Son in love, Jon, for Gods will to conceive a child or to open up opportunities for them to have a family together. Thank you God fir your many blessings. Amen!

Elizabeth Snell
23 days ago

I thank you for reminding me to pray for intentions.

23 days ago

I pray for my dear friends who are trying to conceive their first child. They are blessed in many ways and I pray that God will also bless them with a child when the time is right. I know God has a plan for them. I pray that they find comfort in trusting in the Lord to guide them through disappointing days as they continue to hope and pray for the opportunity to become parents.

23 days ago

Please pray for my very painful arthritis to be healed. It is in my neck and back. Surgery has been suggested by three doctors bout I have had 22 surgical procedures an I just can’t talk myself into doing it. I truly believe God has plans for me , but I know that He may say no to a miracle that my body will be healed.Pray that I not be depressed as I tend to be . My problem is a birth defect And I have hadover 15 operations to date to fix my leg to walk. I also have… Read more »