His Presence is With Us - 9th March

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Maria Baram
23 days ago

Thank you Bruce for today’s Daily Devotional about feeling the presence of God with us today.
Thank you to everyone who has prayed/praying for all of my intentions. I have been blessed to see & hold my baby great granddaughter on Tuesday. This occurred in an unbelievable way. I’m praying for another occasion as well.
I have always believed in the power of prayer. I’ve been truly blessed.
Thank you again for your prayers & I’m praying too, for you & so many others today that they’ll feel the presence of God – Maria 🙏

22 days ago

Sorry that due to illness I have had to miss a couple weeks. Thank you Bruce

Reply to  Mary Y, BIMROSE
22 days ago

We hope you are feeling better and on the improve. Much love and God’s Blessings Rosemary

22 days ago

I pray to feel Gods presence today

Arlene J. Klecker
22 days ago

THANK YOU BRUCE for the black background. Maybe my problem is MY concentration. Sometimes – you in front of a MOVEABLE background – is very distracting. I like it when I have nothing to distract me from what you are saying.. In fact some times I close my eyes and just listen to your voice, instead of looking at the video while I am listening. I tune into you everyday and enjoy your words.

22 days ago

Sometimes sitting still and praying helps me feel God’s presence. Our days can be so rushed that it’s easy to miss his presence if we aren’t looking for it.

22 days ago

Today’s devotional was very special as My family sits and waits in the hospital waiting for my father – in – law Fran to wake up from an induced coma. Bruce’s words helped me to remember that God is here with us. His presence is healing my father in law and that he will wake up in his time. When he is ready.

He suffered a major stroke over the weekend. Thank you father for your healing presence and companionship during this difficult time.

I love you

Reply to  Ceci
20 days ago

Dear Ceci, Praying for your father-in-law and his recovery. May God strengthen you all at this time. much love Rosemary

22 days ago

I feel the presence of god with me especially when I am driving I have been saved from accidents thanks to god.

Theresa Mac Lean
22 days ago

Excellent message. God is great all the time.

Ursel Mihelcic
21 days ago