A Time of Prayer - 18th March

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14 days ago

Thank you Bruce for praying for us and with us! I sure feel Gods love and forgiveness when we pray together Amen

Sheila Chaisson
14 days ago

Prayers for my brother who had a serious accident yesterday with head injuries and many skull and facial fractures.

Charlie Z
13 days ago

Thank you, Bruce, for your daily loving and insightful words. Bringing us closer to the God that loves us, Amen.

Susan D.
13 days ago

Hello Bruce,
Thank you for your heart rendering prayer! Bruce, you are always so in touch with everyone’s heart and unspoken words.

Thank you God, for the gift of Bruce! May You continue to bless him and give him Your graces to do Your will! We pray this in Jesus’ Holy name, through the power of the Holy Spirit,

Theresa Mac Lean
13 days ago

Thank you for all the prayers.

Beverly Peters
13 days ago

Made my late afternoon day

Ursel Mihelcic
13 days ago